Project overview


Project overview is the team's persistent hub to showcase a birds-eye view of the what, why and how of a project and drives easy understanding of its ongoing context.

Adding a project description

A project description allows you to welcome your team and set the tone for how you’ll work together in Asana. You can add meeting details, communication channels and other important information.

To add your description, click into the description field and start typing.

project description

Accessing or editing your project details

To access or edit your project details, you can click on the drop-down arrow next to your project header. Next, select Edit project details.

project details 1
project details 2

Assigning project roles

Under the Project roles section of your project overview you can easily view the project owner for your project, as well as assign roles such as ApproverContributor or another role of your choosing. You don't have to select from predefined roles.

Editing a current role

To edit a project member’s current role, click the drop-down arrow next to the member’s name.

edit a current role

From the drop-down menu, you can:

  1. Change the role
  2. Set the member as the project owner
  3. Remove the member from the project

Adding a role

To add a role, click the drop-down arrow next to the member’s name, then click Add role.

add role 1


Next, type the name of the role into the text field and click done.

add role 2

Key resources

Attach files from your computer, Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive/Sharepoint easily from your project overview.

To attach a file, click on the paper clip icon.

key resources

Creating a project brief

Adding a project brief allows you to explain the what and why of the project to your team.

To add a project brief, click on the Create project brief icon under the Key resources section of your project overview.

project brief 1


Next add more context by filling in more details. You can also use the Suggested content in the right hand sidebar.

project brief 2


+ icon

Use the + icon in your project brief to quickly @mention team members, tasks, projects or portfolios, insert links, emojis, section breaks, images or media.

+ icon


The project brief toolbar allows you to format text and @mention team members, tasks, projects or portfolios, insert links, emojis, section breaks, images or media.

toolbarEditing an existing project brief

To edit an existing project brief, click the pencil icon.

Adding images and media to your project brief

Adding images

You can easily add images to your project brief.

adding images

To add images to your project brief:

  1. Click on the + icon
  2. Select Image

Adding media

To add media from Adobe XD, Canva, Figma, InVision, InVision Freehand, Looker, Loom, Lucidchart, Miro, Vimeo, Whimsical, Wistia, or YouTube to your project brief, click on the Media icon in your toolbar.

adding media 1

To add media to your project brief:

  1. Click on the + icon
  2. Select any of the Media options
adding media 2

From the next window, paste your URL link.

You can also paste the link from one of these services directly into your project brief. It will then display the embed automatically.

Printing your project brief

To print your project brief click on the three dot icon and select Print.


Drag and drop

Use the drag and drop feature to easily move or reorganize your content blocks.

drag and drop

Insert a table into your project brief

Insert a table via all the ways you can insert rich text elements. You'll be able to insert rows and columns, select full rows or columns to delete, copy and paste tables from documents, and even insert some useful block elements (lists and images) into the cells.

You can insert a table by clicking the drop-down arrow next to Insert on your toolbar. Then select Table.


Slash commands to insert rich text content

Type "/" to insert elements into your document. Filter options by typing out the option you wish to select and/or use the arrow keys to choose it from the dropdown. This works in tables as well to insert rows and columns.

Converting text to tasks in your project brief

To convert text to tasks in your project brief:

  1. Open your project brief
  2. Select a piece of text
  3. Click Convert to... Task on the toolbar
  4. You'll then have a task in your project. Click the task name to assign it or add more information.
convert text to task

You can also turn text into a task in your project brief by using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl/Cmd+shift+enter.

Project milestones

Milestones are available for all PremiumBusiness and Enterprise customers.

Project milestones are accessible and visible on your project overview. Click into any milestone to view or edit its details.


Click the + icon to add a new milestone.


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Project progress and status updates

You can view the progress or update the status of any project you’re working on from your project overview tab.

project progress