Asana for nonprofits

The Asana for Nonprofits program provides affordable access to Asana’s technology and services for nonprofit organizations that do good in the world.

Eligible nonprofit organizations can apply for the 50% Asana Nonprofit discount for monthly or annual plans. Additionally, all Asana Nonprofit Discount recipients have access to the Asana Advisors program; a volunteer group of Asana employees who are available to help set your team up for success with Asana.

Asana for Nonprofits is available for nonprofit organizations in 25 countries, we hope to continue expanding this program to additional countries soon.

Technology and enablement

Nonprofit organizations are often asked to do a lot with only a little. We want to help you do more with more.

To ensure your organization's long-term success, you need the best technology and access to experts. Then, you can focus on finding solutions that help you fulfill your mission.

How do I apply for a nonprofit discount?

Applying for the Asana Nonprofit Discount is easy, simply:

  1. Check the Not sure if you qualify? link to ensure that your organization meets our eligibility requirements in your country.

If you have questions regarding eligibility criteria, including whether your organization is eligible, please contact your Countries Client Service Team.

  1. Click the Apply now button to apply for the Asana Nonprofit Discount on our partners site.

There is a small admin fee to apply for the Asana Nonprofit Discount which covers our partners cost of administering the discount.

  1. Add the Asana Nonprofit Discount to your Asana account.

Once your organization has been approved for the Asana Nonprofit Discount you’ll receive an email from TechSoup (or your country partner) with instructions on how to add the discount to your Asana account.

The Asana Nonprofit discount can be redeemed for a monthly or annual Asana Premium, Business, or Enterprise plan.

Asana Advisors Program

All Asana Nonprofit Discount recipients can join the Asana Advisors program and engage with Asana employee volunteers to get pro-bono help with your Asana projects.

Asana Advisors can help you get started with Asana, find the best way to set up projects for your team, or troubleshoot work you have underway.

You can read more about how the Asana Advisors program works here.

Nonprofit and Education Learning Center

Here is where you will find resources to help you and your team get the most out of using Asana. From a custom onboarding program, use-cases and templates, you will have all of the resources you need to discover the art of possible with Asana! You can explore more here.

Nonprofit Community Forum

Why recreate the wheel when we can learn from each other? The forum will be a place where you can learn and share best practices with other leading nonprofits, read inspiring stories about how Asana is powering critical work and connect with other nonprofit professionals around the globe around shared missions.

Here's how you can access our forum:

1. Access the Nonprofit Community Forum here and bookmark in your browser
2. Create your account
3. Start exploring!

Free monthly 'Ask me anything' sessions with Asana experts

Every first Wednesday of the month, Nonprofits can get Asana-related questions answered for free during an informal 'Ask me anything' event. This is lead by Asana services and technology partner, forum leader and event leader Larry Berger of Trilogi Solutions. Sign up here for the next event.


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