ID Custom fields

Available on Asana Starter, Advanced, Enterprise, and Enterprise+ tiers, as well as legacy tiers Premium, Business, and Legacy Enterprise.

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Task names with descriptions can be helpful but can also be long and hard to remember, especially if you are working on intake or ticketing tasks with similar names. 

With ID custom fields, you can create unique and readable IDs for tasks. ID custom fields can be added to any project. When you add ID custom fields to a project, it will automatically generate incremental IDs for both existing and new tasks. 

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Adding an ID custom field


To add an ID custom field:

1. You can add an ID custom field from the Customize menu or by clicking the + sign in the column header

2. Select ID as the field type 

3. Create a custom prefix (letters only) for your ID 

4. Click Confirm

5. ID values will be generated for all existing and incoming tasks in the project

You can also reuse an existing prefix/field from the library.


 ID custom fields can only have prefixes that contain letters, up to 4 characters, and must be unique. All ID custom fields will be shared with your domain by default.  


Some important information about ID custom fields: 

  1. ID custom field values are immutable and unique to the entire domain 
  2. Projects and tasks can have more than one ID custom field 
  3. ID custom fields can be deleted and/or removed from a project if permissions allow. Removing an ID custom field from a project will not delete IDs from tasks in that project
  4. You can find tasks by ID using basic and advanced search and @mention a task in a comment or description using an ID
  5. ID custom fields are generated in the order that a task was added to a project, not the creation date of the task


Want to learn more? Check out the Custom fields article. 

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