Task actions

Tasks are the basic unit of action in Asana. You can create new tasks, duplicate an existing task, merge two tasks together, print or delete a task. Task names are listed in the main pane. Click any task to load its details in the task details pane.

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Create tasks

Create tasks quickly by typing them in a list in the main pane or by using our quick add shortcut. You can also create tasks by sending an email to Asana from any email address associated with your account or via your iOS and Android devices.

Task names are often the calls to action for the task, while more specific information resides in the task description, an editable field in the task details pane, and in the comments.

Type tasks in a list

Think of Asana's main pane as a text editor. Create and edit tasks by typing text in the main pane.

To create a new task:

  1. Select any existing task in the main pane
  2. Press Enter on your keyboard
  3. Begin typing the task name

A task will automatically delete itself if you do not name the task. If you would like to keep an empty task, simply add a space in the title field.

Use quick add

Use quick add to easily create a task from anywhere in Asana.

To create a task using the quick add button:

  1. Click the Quick Add button in the top bar
  2. Select Task

Press Tab + Q on your keyboard to open up the quick add task dialog.

New Quick Add

From the quick add task window, you can:

  1. Name the task
  2. Assign the task
  3. Associate the task to a project
  4. Add a task description
  5. Upload a file
  6. Set a due date
  7. Add collaborators to the task

Available custom fields will show in your quick add menu when you add the task to a project that uses them.

Task actions

To take action on a task:

Click the three dot icon in the task details pane and select from the task action menu.

portprogress (2).png

From here, you can:

  1. Add to another project
  2. Add tags
  3. Create follow-up task
  4. Merge duplicate tasks
  5. Summarize task
  6. Create subtasks
  7. Mark as milestone
  8. Mark as approval
  9. Convert to subtask or project
  10. Duplicate task
  11. Print
  12. Make public to your organization 
  13. Delete task 

Duplicate tasks and sections

Duplicating a single task

how to duplicate a single task.gif

To duplicate a task:

  1. Click the three dot icon from the task details pane
  2. Select Duplicate Task
  3. Identify the components of the task you want to see in the duplicate
  4. Select Create New Task

Duplicating a section in a project.png

To duplicate a section:

  1. Click the three dot icon next to the section’s name
  2. Click Duplicate section
  3. Check the components of the task you want to include in the duplicate
  4. Click Create new section

The new section will appear under the original section.

If you’d like to set new due dates for the duplicate tasks, check the Set new due dates for duplicated tasks box under the Advanced options.

Setting new due dates from duplicate tasks

Setting new relative due dates in bulk for duplicated tasks is available to Starter, Advanced, Enterprise and Enterprise+ tiers.

If you’d like to set new due dates in bulk for the duplicate tasks, check the Set new due dates for duplicated tasks box under the Advanced options

You can check the Shift task due dates box and select a reference date. The reference date will be the first due date and the other due dates will follow. For example if your original tasks are due 1st, 8th, and 15th of January and you choose 1st of February as your new due date, the rest will be 8th and 15th of February. 

Merge duplicate tasks

If a task closely resembles another, you can merge the two in the task details pane.

To merge a duplicate task:

  1. Click the three dot icon from the task details pane and select Merge duplicate tasks
  2. Begin typing the task's name you wish to merge with or select one in the dropdown
  3. Locate and click on the duplicate task

You will be navigated to the other task (its project will load in the main pane) and you'll see an undo option at the top of the main pane.

The tags, collaborators, and likes of the duplicate task will be added to the master task. The duplicate task will be marked complete and you will see the word [Duplicate] affixed to its name.

We will notify the following people about the merge via email (if they have email notifications turned on) or via inbox:  

  • The collaborators of the duplicate task
  • The creator and task assignee of the master task

Attachments from the duplicate task will not be added to the master task.

Copy the task URL to easily share it with your colleagues.

To copy a task link:

  1. Click the Copy task link icon at the top of the task details pane

Full screen mode

Enter full screen mode if you'd like to focus on a single task or if presenting in a meeting.

To enter full screen mode:

  1. Click on the Full screen icon from the top of the task details pane

You can also use the keyboard shortcut Tab + X to enter full screen mode



Multi-select is an easy and efficient way to take action on multiple tasks at once.

To select multiple tasks from a list view in the main pane, use any of the following methods:

Available in list view only:

Click + Shift + Click

  • Click the first task in your desired selection
  • Hold the Shift key on your keyboard
  • Click the last task in your desired selection

Click + Shift + Arrows

  • Click the first task in your desired selection
  • Hold the Shift key on your keyboard
  • Use the up or down arrows to select adjacent tasks

Available in list and board view only:

Click + Drag

  • Click the first task in your desired selection
  • Drag the mouse to the last task in your desired selection

Ctrl/Cmd + Click (for non-adjacent tasks)

  • Hold the CTRL or  key on your keyboard
  • Click each desired task
Multi-select pop up (2).png

Once you've multi-selected your tasks and the toolbar appears, you can:

  1. Move tasks between sections
  2. Add tasks to a project or move them to a section in a project
  3. Assign these tasks
  4. Set due dates
  5. Delete these tasks
  6. Access additional task actions

Once tasks are multi-selected, you can mass change the assignee, due date or custom fields.


Multi-select options (1).png

Click the three dot icon (more actions) to:

  1. Mark all selected tasks complete
  2. Edit the custom field values of the selected tasks
  3. Add collaborators to all selected tasks
  4. Convert the selected tasks to subtasks
  5. Copy the task links
  6. Mark all tasks as milestones
  7. Mark all tasks as approvals
  8. Make all tasks dependent on another
  9. Merge duplicate tasks

Remember you can use keyboard shortcuts to take most of the actions listed above.

You can also drag and drop your selected tasks in the main pane to move them to another section of your project.

Want to learn more? Check out all the features of Asana tasks.

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