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Asana accounts are free and are tied to individual users. Asana accounts grant access to shared workspaces and organizations to enable collaboration with other Asana users.

With a single Asana account, you can create or join multiple workspaces and organizations to collaborate with various groups of Asana users. The spaces you belong to are their own separate entities, each with their own unique set of people, projects, and tasks.

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asana account diagram


Since each workspace and organization are their own separate entities, your colleagues cannot see the other spaces you belong to, nor can you see the other spaces your colleagues may belong to.

Learn more about privacy between these spaces here.

Learn more about the permission settings of your projects and tasks within each of your workspaces and organizations.

Create an account

You can sign up for Asana yourself, or you can accept an invitation to join. Creating an Asana account is free.

We'll ask for your name and email address when you sign up. You can add other email addresses to your account later. Use your work email if you want to belong to your company's Asana organization. If you sign up with your work email and there is an existing organization set up under this corporate domain, you can then request to join the teams within the organization.

You do not need to maintain multiple accounts. You can join, create, or leave any number of organizations or workspaces from a single account, as illustrated above.

From the home page

To create an account for yourself, visit and select Get Started

create account from homepage

You can choose to sign up:

  • By entering an email address and creating a new password, unique to Asana.
  • Using your Google account if you already have a paid Asana subscription.
  • With SAML for users on Asana Enterprise and Enterprise+ tiers, as well as legacy tier Legacy Enterprise.

If you choose to sign up with your Google account:

  • We'll use the credentials for the Google account you're currently logged in to or we'll ask you to log in to your Google account.
  • You will not have a unique Asana password, but you can make one at any time using the forgotten password process (described later in this article).

Please note that your password must contain at least 8 characters.

From an invite

When you receive an invitation:

  • Click the link in the invitation email in a browser supported by Asana
  • Click the Accept Invite button or copy and paste the link provided below it.

Uploading a profile photo is optional during the account creation process. If you choose not to upload one, you can always do so later from My Settings.

Log in

To log in to Asana, visit or You may wish to bookmark one of these.

log in page

From the login page, you can log in by either:

  1. Clicking the Continue with Google button
  2. Entering your Asana account's email address. You'll be prompted for your password on the next page.

If you currently log into your account via Google and want to switch to a logging in via password, you can request a password reset link.

Logging in with SAML

Available on Asana Enterprise and Enterprise+ tiers, as well as legacy tier Legacy Enterprise.

If your organization has SAML enabled, a password is not required to log into your account. Your account will be authenticated with just your email address.

To log into your account with SAML enabled:

Alternatively, users in SAML-enabled organizations can also log into their accounts using a custom URL. Just add your company's email domain at the end of the URL, to access your custom login portal.

For example, members of the organization can log into their accounts from

Members of organizations with SAML requirements must log into their account using their SAML related email address, regardless of how many email addresses they have on their account.

Login detection

Users should get an email to notify them that we have noticed a new login to their account. This is a security feature recognising we detect login activity.

This email will go out to users when they:

  • Use a browser + IP address combination for the first time

This applies to logins with username and password, Google SAML-based single sign-on (SSO) authentication.

Log out

log out

To log out of Asana:

  1. Click your profile photo
  2. Click Log out

When you log out from Asana, you will be logged out from all active sessions including mobile sessions.

Password reset

You create your Asana password when you sign up. If you signed up with your Google account, you do not have an Asana password, but you can make one by using the Forgot your password? link.

If you forgot your password or want to change it, you can reset your password from the login page.

Resetting your password will log your account out of any other computers and mobile devices you previously logged in from.

forgot password

To generate a password reset link:

Click the Forgot your password? link from the login page and follow the prompt in the next page

Click here to reset your password..

Check your email's inbox for a password reset message from Asana. In this message, there will be a link you can use to log into your account and set a new password.

For organization members with multiple email addresses on their account, the password reset link will always be sent to the email address associated to your organization's domain.

Multiple accounts and merging

If you have multiple accounts and would like to merge them into one account, you can add the email address associated with one account to the other account from My Settings.

Merging your accounts will mean:

  • Email addresses from both original accounts will be associated with the one new account
  • The new account will have access to all of the organizations and workspaces from each original account
add email

Log in to your main account, then:

  1. Click your profile photo and select My Settings
  2. Navigate to Email Forwarding
  3. Click + Add New Email

Please note the invitation link may require you to log in again to your Asana account, please log into the account you would like to merge.

account verification email 2
  1. Enter your New Email Address
  2. Click the Send Verification Email button

Asana will then ask you to find a link in your secondary email inbox to confirm the merge.

Once the merge is complete, you can log into your account using any email address associated to your account. You will not be able to separate your accounts after the completion of the merge.

If you use the Continue with Google feature, you will instead be required to verify your Google account. A popup window will appear to log into Google, enter the credentials for the email address currently associated to your Asana account to initiate the process.


If you belong to more than one organization that requires login by Google Single Sign-On (SSO) or SAML, you will not be able to merge your accounts. You will need to log into each of your separate Asana accounts, one affiliated with each organization, and will be required to log in separately for each organization.

Account security is our top priority, and this measure is in the interest of protecting your data by making the login process more secure for those who belong to multiple paid organizations.

Account deactivation

Only deactivate your individual Asana account if you no longer wish to use Asana. Deactivating an account is permanent and cannot be undone.


You can deactivate your account via the Account tab of My Settings.

deactivate account

To deactivate your account:

  1. Navigate to the Account tab of My Settings
  2. Click Deactivate account at the bottom of the window.

Once you deactivate your account, you will no longer have access to any data in the account. If you would like to use Asana in the future, you will need to sign up for a new account.

Deactivation only deactivates your individual Asana account. The organizations and workspaces you belong are shared spaces and will continue to exist.

One account, multiple spaces

With a single Asana account, you can create or join multiple spaces such as workspaces or organizations. Since these workspaces and organizations are their own separate entities, you must explicitly switch between them to access your projects and tasks inside each space.

topbar drop down

To switch between your workspaces and organizations:

  1. Click your profile photo in the top right corner
  2. From the drop-down menu, select the workspace or organization you want to access