Messages enable you to communicate within Asana with your colleagues and easily link to relevant work. You can send messages with any combination of individuals, teams, and projects.

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Sending a message

You can send messages directly to other individuals in Asana. 

Create a message from your inbox

To send a message from your Inbox, click on the Send message icon.

send message 1
send message 2

From the message pop-up screen, you can:

  1. Add a subject title
  2. Type the name of a team, project or people
  3. Add a description
  4. Format your text, @mention, insert an emoji, or add and attachment
  5. Click Send to send your message

Using the Quick Add button

You can also easily send a message by clicking the Quick Add button.


Hover over a person’s name and click Send message to quickly send a message any time in Asana.

Full screen mode

When you send a message in Asana, Asana will offer you suggestions of work you might want to reference in your message. You can see these suggestions by entering the full screen compose mode, and you can drag and drop them into your message.

full screen mode

Accessing project messages

You can access project messages by clicking Messages in your project's top bar.

project messages

Accessing team messages

Team messages can be accessed by clicking on the desired team in your left-hand sidebar and then clicking Messages.

team messages

A note on messages sent to you

If a message is sent directly to you, you’re automatically added as a collaborator and don’t need to join the message to see replies. If a message is sent to a project or team that you’re a member of, you’ll need to “join” the message to see replies.

A note on messages sent to projects or teams

When you send a message to a project or team, everyone on that project or team will receive that message and will have access to it. Messages sent to projects and teams will live on the Messages page on those projects and teams. Messages sent to multiple projects and/or teams will live on the Messages page for all of those containers.

Notifications for direct messages 

When someone creates a message for a person in Asana, they will receive a notification for that message. As long as they’re a collaborator on the message, they’ll receive notifications for all message replies as well. Sending a message to someone in Asana will notify them via an Inbox notification and an email notification. If they have mobile push or browser notifications turned on, they’ll also get a notification through that as well. Message recipients can reply to messages directly from email, and don’t need to sign into Asana to reply.  

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