My Tasks


My tasks is a list of all the tasks assigned to you in a given organization or workspace. Sort your tasks list to view your tasks in a way that suits you.

To access My Tasks, click My tasks from the sidebar.


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Recently assigned

When a task is first assigned to you, it will appear under the Recently assigned section in your My tasks. You can rename this section to whatever you want, but don't forget that it's the "special" section where tasks appear when assigned to you. You cannot delete this section.

If you create a task by sending an email to, it will first appear under Recently assigned in your My tasks.

Custom sections

You can create your own sections in My tasks to organize your work. Rename, reorder, and create and delete sections to design your perfect personal organization system.

We have some suggestions here on how to get started.

Rules in My tasks

Adding automation to My tasks will help you save time on manual processes like triaging and automate the movement of tasks through your sections. From the gallery of preset rules, you can pick an option that already has the trigger and action set. You can then specify the parameters needed.

Choose from a selection of preset rules with common triggers such as Due date is approachingTask is overdue, and Task marked complete.

Rules are available for customers on Asana StarterAdvancedEnterprise, and Enterprise+ tiers, as well as legacy tiers Premium, Business, and Legacy Enterprise. Due date is approaching is the only preset rule in My tasks available to Asana Personal.

The custom rule builder is available on Asana Starter, Advanced, Enterprise, and Enterprise+ tiers, as well as legacy tiers Business and Legacy Enterprise. When adding a rule to My tasks, select Create custom rule to get started.

Task auto-promotion in My tasks

The My tasks TodayUpcomingLater auto-promotion feature which automatically moved tasks between the sections has been deprecated. You can reproduce this auto-promotion behaviour with rules.


Recreating Today, Upcoming, Later auto-promotion behavior

To recreate the behavior where tasks moved from Later to Upcoming and from Upcoming to Today, you'll need to add 2 rules to your My tasks. You'll need to add a rule to move tasks to the Upcoming section when the due date is approaching and a rule to move tasks to the Today section when the task is due today.

To add these automations:

  1. Click Customize in the toolbar
  2. Click Add rule
  3. Click to add the Due date is approaching rule
  4. Choose the due date you would like the rule to move a task to a certain section on
  5. Choose the section you want tasks to move to on your chosen date

You can see that a rule has been deployed when the rules icon (a lightning bolt) appears beside the section that has a rule.

You can add an additional rule for each section to which you would like your tasks to move. For example, you would need to create two rules if you would like your tasks to move first to an Upcoming section when the due date is 3 days away, and a second separate rule to move them to a Today section as the task's due date nears.

When you've created these automations, tasks will move from anywhere in your My tasks into these sections as the due date approaches. They'll move right from your Recently assigned section, or any other section, between midnight and 1am when these automations update your My tasks.


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Apps in My tasks

The ability to integrate your most-used apps isn’t just limited to projects. You can add apps to your My tasks to integrate with the tools your team uses most.

To add an app to My tasks, click the Customize button in the top-right corner of your My tasks page, and choose an app from the list. The app’s field will appear in each of the tasks in your My tasks, so you can seamlessly integrate the app into your workflow.

List, board, and calendar view

Just like in projects, you can switch your view between list view, board view, and calendar view. Depending on the sections you’re using, you might prefer one view over another.

Sorting and filtering

Screenshot 2023-11-17 at 11.07.42.png

You can sort your My tasks by start date, created on, last modified on, likes, or alphabetically, you can also group by due dateprojectcreated by and custom sections.


Screenshot 2023-11-17 at 11.07.31.png

You can also filter across any built-in or custom field you have access to, like due date, completed and incomplete tasks in list, board and calendar view in your My tasks, here you can also filter over multiple fields at a time.


Screenshot 2023-11-17 at 11.07.53.png

Using Sort or Group by while in list view will keep your tasks grouped by section and will sort the tasks inside those sections. However, in board view, the sections never change or go away and tasks are always sorted within sections.




You can customize your My tasks by:

  • Turning on/off the display of specific fields
  • Reordering the fields
  • Resizing the columns of fields


Adding a collaborators field in My tasks

You can now add a collaborators field in My tasks. This field allows you to add and remove collaborators directly from your List view. This is an optional field and can be toggled on and off from the Customize menu on the top right as shown in the gif below.

Add collaborator field my tasks.gif


Complete, Incomplete, and View All

You can use this menu to show only incomplete tasks, only completed tasks, or all tasks assigned to you. If you’re viewing completed tasks only, you can specify that you want to see tasks completed today, yesterday, or within the last one, two, or three weeks.

Task visibility

Any task created in your My tasks is automatically private to you. However, if you multi-home the task, it becomes visible to members of that project. There's a task visibility column in your My tasks where you can see to whom the task is visible.

Create tasks from My tasks

All new tasks you create in My tasks are automatically assigned to you and private to youAdd them to projects to make them visible to the rest of your team.

All tasks created by someone else in your My tasks list are automatically assigned to you and private to you and all collaborators (e.g., the person who created it).

Saving layout as default

My tasks will automatically save your SortFilter, and View preferences for next time.

Please note that project views will not save automatically. To find out how to save your project view, check out the guide article here.

View all your tasks across all spaces you belong to

To view your My tasks list in each space you belong to (workspaces and organizations), you'll need to switch between these spaces in your top bar.

However, you may wish to use this third-party integration. Taco allows you to view all of your tasks in one list across workspaces and organizations.

Our Support team cannot, however, offer assistance with third-party tools as they are not developed by Asana.

Drag and drop

You can reorder your My tasks list using drag and drop, provided your task list is not sorted by due date.

7-day calendar view

View your My tasks calendar to keep track of important deadlines and upcoming tasks. Using the 7-day calendar view, you can reorder tasks due each day to keep your highest priority tasks at the top.

In My tasks 7-day calendar view, you can:

  • Select Week view to toggle multi-day tasks on and off to prevent long-running tasks from cluttering up your weekly planning. Here you can also order your calendar by Month view, and show or hide weekends
  • You can also organize your calendar view to show all tasks, incomplete tasks, or completed tasks by clicking on the Task button on your toolbar
  • By dragging and dropping tasks, you can reorder tasks due each day to keep your highest priority tasks at the top
  • Click on the Unscheduled button to bring up unscheduled tasks (tasks that have no due date). This also allows you to access a mini calendar so you can jump quickly to specific dates. You can drag tasks out of the Unscheduled sidebar into the week view to schedule tasks for specific days. The Unscheduled button is only visible in Week view.


Weekly focus

weekly focus

Kick off your work week more intentionally by setting a focus for the week. Capture your top priority for the week and see it displayed across mobile and web. Because this focus stays visible across platforms, setting a focus leads to better planning, actions, and outcomes.

On Monday mornings, mobile users are prompted to set a weekly focus. Weekly focus set on mobile will appear on desktop and web versions of Asana also but will not be editable there. Your weekly focus will appear at the top of your My tasks during the week to help guide your planning.

My tasks membership

With My tasks membership, you can request and be granted access to manage someone else’s My tasks. You can also grant access to allow selected people to manage your own My tasks.

This is useful for workflows where you need to sort, order or create sections for another person’s My tasks list or where you want selected individuals to do this for you.

Now, if you visit another user’s My tasks, unless they’ve explicitly granted you access, you’ll see:

  • A list of their tasks
  • Ability to change the sort order (for yourself, doesn’t impact the owner of the My tasks)
  • Ability to filter (again, only affects you as the viewer)
  • You won’t be able to reorder tasks, see sections, or create sections

Before you're granted access, you can only sort by Due Date and Project and after you've been granted access, you will be able to also sort by None and Likes.

Being granted access to a person’s My tasks will not affect the privacy of tasks. For example, if you couldn’t see a task before being granted access, you still won’t be able to see that task after being granted access.

Accessing another member's My tasks list view

How to access another member's My tasks list view:

  1. Search by name in the search bar
  2. Scroll down and click on their profile under People
  3. A list of their tasks will then be visible to you


Requesting access to another member’s My tasks

To request access to another member’s My tasks, navigate to their My tasks lists view, click the drop-down arrow, and select Request access to manage.

Requesting access creates a task for the requested individual.

Granting access to your My tasks via the Share button

Click on the Share button.

Type in the member’s name and click Invite

Granting access creates an inbox notification for the individual who has been granted access.

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Custom fields in My tasks

Custom fields are now available in My tasks. Custom fields let you add additional data to tasks in your Asana projects, and now you can take advantage of this feature in My tasks, too.

Create a custom field in My tasks in the same way you would add a field to a project. Click Customize in the top-right corner of your My tasks page, then + Add custom field.

A note on custom field privacy: Adding a My tasks custom field to the organization's field library results in the custom field and its values being made visible to anyone in the organization.


Custom fields created in your My tasks are private to your My tasks unless you deliberately add them to the organization's field library.

If you do not add the custom field to the organization's field library, the custom field and its values cannot be seen by another user, even if they are a task collaborator or the assignee.

Adding a My tasks custom field to the organization's field library will make the custom field and its values visible to anyone in the organization.

Time tracking in My tasks

Asana’s native time tracking feature is supported in projects as well as My tasks. This feature allows you to estimate the time needed to complete a task, as well as record the actual time spent on a task.

Time tracking is available on Asana Advanced, Enterprise, and Enterprise+ tiers, as well as legacy tiers Business and Legacy Enterprise.


Want to learn more? Check out all the features of Asana My Tasks.