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My Tasks acts as your individual to-do list and automatically gathers tasks assigned to you across all projects, enabling you to see and organize your work in one centralized place. You can view these tasks in different formats such as a list, board, or calendar, providing flexibility in how you manage and prioritize your work.

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To access My Tasks, click My tasks from the sidebar.

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You can customize your My tasks by:

  • Turning on/off the display of specific fields
  • Reordering the fields
  • Resizing the columns of fields

Creating tasks 

To create a task from My tasks, click the + Add task button at the top left or click Add task under the desired section. 

All new tasks you create in My tasks are automatically assigned to you and private to you. Add them to projects to make them visible to the rest of your team. When others create tasks in your My tasks, these tasks are automatically assigned to you and private to you and all collaborators (e.g., the person who created it).

Any task created in your My tasks is automatically private to you. However, if you multi-home the task, it becomes visible to members of that project. There's a task visibility column in your My tasks where you can see to whom the task is visible.

When using the list view, unread tasks will display a blue dot next to the task name. A blue dot indicates that you have not viewed the task since it was assigned to you. Click the task to open the task details pane, and the blue dot will disappear.

Sections in My tasks

You can create your own sections in My tasks to organize your work. Rename, reorder, create and delete sections to design your perfect personal organization system.

Recently assigned

When a task is first assigned to you, it will appear under the Recently assigned section in your My tasks. You can rename this section to whatever you want, but don't forget that it's the "special" section where tasks appear when assigned to you. You cannot delete this section.

If you create a task by sending an email to, it will first appear under Recently assigned in your My tasks.

Sort, filter, and group by

Sort your tasks list to view your tasks in a way that suits you. My tasks will automatically save your SortFilter, and View preferences for next time.

Please note that project views will not save automatically. Learn how to save your project view.

To sort, click the Sort button and choose an option.

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You can filter across any built-in or custom field you have access to, like due date, completed and incomplete tasks in list, board and calendar view and use multiple filters at a time.
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Using Sort or Group by while in list view will keep your tasks grouped by section and will sort the tasks inside those sections.

You can also use Sort and Group by at the same time for example, you can group your My tasks by priority and then sort these groups by due date.  

Group by in My tasks.png

You can use Group by in My tasks when in board and list view to group tasks by section, or another field. Tasks can be grouped differently across List and Board views. In the example below, tasks are grouped by a priority custom field.

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Drag and drop

You can reorder your My tasks list using drag and drop, provided your task list is not sorted by due date.

 Apps in My tasks

The ability to integrate your most-used apps isn’t just limited to projects. You can add apps to your My tasks to integrate with the tools your team uses most.

To add an app to My tasks, click the Customize menu in the top-right corner of your My tasks page, and choose an app from the list. The app’s field will appear in each of the tasks in your My tasks, so you can seamlessly integrate the app into your workflow. 

My tasks membership

With My tasks membership, you can request and be granted access to manage someone else’s My tasks. You can also grant access to allow selected people to manage your My tasks.

This is useful for workflows where you need to sort, order or create sections for another person’s My tasks list or where you want selected individuals to do this for you.

If you visit another user’s My tasks, unless they’ve explicitly granted you access, you’ll see:

  • A list of their tasks
  • Ability to change the sort order (for yourself, doesn’t impact the owner of the My tasks)
  • Ability to filter (again, only affects you as the viewer)
  • You won’t be able to reorder tasks, see sections, or create sections

Before you're granted access, you can only sort by Due Date and Project and after you've been granted access, you will be able to also sort by None and Likes.

Being granted access to a person’s My tasks will not affect the privacy of tasks. For example, if you couldn’t see a task before being granted access, you still won’t be able to see that task after being granted access.

Accessing another member's My tasks list view

How to access another member's My tasks list view:

  1. Search by name in the search bar
  2. Scroll down and click on their profile under People
  3. A list of their tasks will then be visible to you

Requesting access to another member’s My tasks

To request access to another member’s My tasks, navigate to their My tasks lists view, click the drop-down arrow, and select Request access to manage. Requesting access creates a task for the requested individual.

Granting access to your My tasks

  1. Click the Share button.
  2. Type in the member’s name and click Invite

Granting access creates an inbox notification for the individual who has been granted access.


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