Rules integrations and widgets

Available on Asana Starter, Advanced, Enterprise, and Enterprise+ tiers, as well as legacy tiers Premium, Business, and Legacy Enterprise.

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Rules are an important part of many workflows, and so are integrations with third party services (e.g., Slack). You can use a rule to integrate your team's favorite tools into your work in Asana, and let rules do the heavy lifting automatically.

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You can set specific triggers in your Asana projects, and trust rules to automate your workflow when your chosen criteria are met. For example, the Slack + Asana rule integration allows you to send a message to a teammate or channel in Slack based on your chosen trigger, like task completion.

You can create a rule which pings a specific channel in Microsoft Teams based on criteria such as a change in a custom field value. Or create new issues in Jira Cloud and Jira Server when a task is added to a particular project section. Recently launched rules integrations also support actions within GmailPagerDuty and Twilio. Learn more about configuring their respective rule integrations here.

Rules using integrations require proper app management settings and user authentication with the third party services.

How to create a rule

Below is an example of how to create a rule in your Asana project by selecting a trigger, an action, and a rule name.

How to create a rule.gif

To learn more about rules and how to use them to automate your daily work, head to our rules article on the Asana Help Center.

Triggering actions within apps

There are three types of triggers for rules, and this is also true for triggering actions with rules integrations.

Task added type triggers

  • Task added to a section
  • Task added to this project

Task updated type trigger

  • Based on approval status
  • Based on completion status
  • Based on assignee
  • Based on due date
  • Based on attachments added
  • Based on comments added

Task timing type trigger

  • Task is no longer blocked
  • Due date is approaching
  • Task is overdue

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