University organizations

Welcome to Asana! You’ve probably been added to your school’s organization where you can create teams, projects, tasks, and collaborate with students, faculty, and staff who share your .edu email address. Below are the answers to some common questions to help you get started. We’re excited to help you track and manage your work. 

Getting started

How do I create a team? 

You can create new teams in your organization either from your sidebar or using your Quick Add button. Learn more about creating and managing teams here.

I currently use multiple workspaces, can you combine them?

It is not currently possible to automatically merge multiple workspaces into an organization. Please contact our Support team for assistance with combining your workspaces.

How do I switch between different workspaces and organizations?

To toggle between different workspaces and organizations in Asana, click on your profile photo in the upper-right corner of your Asana window and select the workspace or organization you would like to work in from the drop-down menu.

Can I view tasks from different workspaces and organizations in the same place?

It is not currently possible to view tasks from multiple workspaces and organizations together in Asana.

I don’t want to be in this organization, how do I leave it?

Organizations are tied to a specific email domain and use this domain to determine membership. This means that if an organization is tied to for example, any user with an email address will automatically be an organization member. When you leave an organization, your .edu email address will be removed from your Asana account, so if you’d like to leave the organization you’ll first need to ensure that you have added another verified email address in Asana.


Who will count toward my seat limit?

All organization members (users who share your email domain) who are also in your paid Team will count toward your seat limit. Guests will not count toward the seat limit in paid organizations.

Can I upgrade my organization?

Yes! Users in organizations can choose between Asana Starter,Advanced,Enterprise, and Enterprise+ tiers when upgrading.

Is is free to sign up?

Yes, students can use Asana's Peronsal plan. It is for individuals or teams just getting started with project management. 

Data FAQs

Who will be able to see my data?

All teams in your organization will default to “Request to Join” permissions. This means that an organization member will need to be invited or approved in order to join your team and to view data within it. Learn more about team permissions here.

Does Asana support academic institutions with FERPA compliance?

Yes! Asana enables our customers to comply with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) by ensuring that personal data is kept secure and only used to provide our services consistent with our terms and Privacy Statement. Asana contractually commits to not disclosing customer data except as directed by the contracting academic institution, as allowed by our terms, or as required by law.

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