List view


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Reorder tasks in a project

drag and drop tasks in list

Drag and drop tasks

Hover over the task's name, left click & hold the grid icon, then drag the task up or down the list

You can also use keyboard shortcuts to move tasks up or down the list. Just select a task and hold command (Mac) or control (Windows) and the up or down arrows on your keyboard.

Project toolbar

Use your project toolbar to adjust your project view.

Incomplete, Completed, All tasks

Show only incomplete, completed or all tasks.


From your project's list view:

  1. Click the toggle icon
  2. Choose IncompleteCompleted or All tasks

Filter or sort your tasks

Customize your list view layout

list view sort, filter, show fields

  1. You can select your preferred view using the options on the top left of each project.
  2. To save your layout, Click the three dot icon and click Save for everyone.

Clicking Save for everyone will save this project view for everyone you're collaborating with.

To show tasks completed within a specific timeframe, consider using advanced search to show lists of tasks within your chosen parameters.


The Incomplete / Complete / All tasks button is now combined with the Filter button.

The Filter button now opens a new menu which allows you to implement multiple filters at once. There are also 3 quick filter options which are applied immediately when chosen: Incomplete tasks + assigned to meAll incomplete tasksAll completed tasks.

  1. You can now use multiple filters at once
  2. There are 3 quick filters to choose from


The Sort button now supports multiple sort options at once. When a sort is applied, the Sort button will turn blue in the same way as the Filter button does when a filter is applied.


In this example, the tasks in the list view are sorted by both Last modified on and Assignee

Reverse sort

You can now choose the direction that you want to sort tasks, either ascending or descending.

Reverse sort 1

Quickly sort tasks by clicking the column header in list view.

Reverse sort 2

Click again to reverse the sort direction.

Adding a collaborators field in List view

You can now add a collaborators field in List view. This field allows you to add and remove collaborators directly from your List view, without having to open the task details pane. This is an optional field and can be toggled on and off by clicking on the Hide button as shown in the gif below.

Add collaborator field.gif