Google and Asana

Asana is recommended for work with Google Workspace. Using both together is a great way to easily connect your work across different Google apps and track it in Asana.

Asana is Recommended for work with Google Workspace

Google SSO

Login to Asana using Google SSO.

Use Google SSO for a secure and easy login to Asana

Click Use Google Account from the login page.

Learn more about authentication for paid plans.

Google Calendar

Stay up to date by syncing your Asana tasks to your Google Calendar.

Sync Google Calendar with Asana in the project actions dropdown menu


Click the project actions dropdown and select Sync to Calendar.

Sync Google Calendar with Asana

Learn more about how to sync your Asana projects to Google Calendars here.  

Google Drive

Easily attach your files from My Drive to your Asana tasks.

Click the paperclip in an Asana task to attach from Google Drive


Click the paperclip icon from the right pane and select Google Drive.

Google Drive screenshot 2

Learn more about attaching Google Drive files to your Asana tasks here.  

Receive notifications when new comments are added to your Google DocsSheets, or Slides, and see a snapshot of document status within Asana tasks.

  1. Receive an inbox notification when a new comment is left on a synced document.
  2. View a snapshot of document details including comment activity and document owner.
  3. Document comment updates are tracked in a collapsible history section, located within the task history.


Sync Comment Notifications

To sync your document for comment notifications, click Sync to task on an existing Google Drive attachment.


You can also sync a document for comment notifications by adding the Google Drive app to your project

  • In your project, select + Add App from within the Customize menu on the upper-right
  • Choose Google Drive and follow the prompts to sign in
  • Once signed in, you can sync a document for comment notifications directly in the task


Create tasks in Asana directly from emails in Gmail.

create tasks gmail

From My Tasks or any project, click the project actions dropdown and select Add Tasks via Email to find an email address you can use to create tasks via email.

Learn more about creating tasks in Asana via email here.  

Export your portfolio to Google Sheets

Once you've created a portfolio, you can export it to Google Sheets at any time.

sheets export

To export a portfolio to Google Sheets:

  1. Tap the three dot icon next to the portfolio title
  2. Hover over Export and select Google Sheets

Google Forms

Automatically create tasks in Asana from Google Forms responses.

Create Asana tasks from Google Forms responses

This integration requires a Google Forms plug-in and works in conjunction with our Gmail integration.

Learn more about sending Google Form submissions into Asana here.  

Chrome Extension

Quickly and easily create tasks in Asana from any web page in Chrome.

Use Asana's Google Chrome extention and send links directly to Asana

With the Chrome extension installed, click the Asana icon near the top right corner of your Chrome window to create a task.

Hangouts Chat

We are in the early stages of collaborating with Google on an integration with Hangouts Chat - the new intelligent messaging app built for teams in Google Workspace. Stay tuned to the Asana Blog.

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