Wufoo and Asana

With the Asana + Wufoo integration, you can create custom web forms to gather requests, bug reports, applicant information, and more - and feed it directly into an Asana project to take action.

Important information about this integration

What does this mean for me?

Because we’re removing this integration, new Asana tasks will no longer be created from any Wufoo form submissions until you set up the new integration.

In order to prevent any disruption to your existing workflows, it’s important that you set up the new Wufoo + Asana integration before August 15, 2022.

Do my Wufoo forms still work?

Yes. Any existing Wufoo forms currently creating tasks in Asana will continue to record responses, but only inside Wufoo. New tasks from your Wufoo forms will not be captured in Asana until you set up the new Wufoo + Asana integration. 

How can I create new Asana tasks using a form?

The Wufoo team has created easy-to-follow instructions on their Help Center to guide you through setting up the new integration. Please visit Wufoo for more information.

If you require further assistance during this transition, please visit help.wufoo.com/contact or contact support@wufoo.com.


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