Asana and Workplace from Meta

Asana for Workplace allows you to access key Asana functionalities without leaving Workplace.

Workplace is an all-in-one business communication platform from Meta that securely combines chat, video, groups and your intranet with the work tools you already use. Think Facebook, but for your company.

Creating Asana tasks

You can create Asana tasks from scratch via the Asana bot in Workplace or through a post or comment in Workplace. This will allow you to capture action items without opening up a separate tab and breaking your flow.

task from post

To create a task from a post or comment:

  1. Submit a comment to the post with @asana create or a sub-comment to the comment with @asana create
  2. A link to the task will be posted as a sub-comment
task from post 2

From here you can:

  1. Change assignee
  2. Select a due date
  3. Add to projects
  4. Write a description
  5. Click on Save to save any changes made to the task

When you create a task from a post, the default title of your task will be the post title and the assignee will be the creator of the task.

If you create a task from a comment, then the default title will be what is written in the comment.

Receiving notifications of tasks assigned to you

Get notified about important changes and updates to the tasks assigned to you. This will help you catch up on important updates directly on Workplace.


Receiving project status updates in a Workplace group

Receive relevant Asana project status and milestone updates by linking Workplace groups to Asana projects.

To link a project to a Workplace group

asana bot

Click on the Asana bot and then click on Links.

select group

Select the Workplace group where you would like to receive notifications.

select project

Select the project you would like to link the Workplace group with and click on Save.


You will receive a message from the Asana bot saying that the project has been linked to the Workplace group.


Now you will start receiving meaningful and actionable project updates directly from the Workplace group.

Unlinking a project from a Workplace group


To unlink a project from a Workplace group:

  1. Click on the Asana bot
  2. Click on Links
unlink select group

Select the Workplace group where the project is linked.

unlink select project

A list of projects will be displayed. Click on the Linked project to unlink it and click on Save.

unlink message

You will receive a message from the Asana bot saying that the project has been unlinked from the Workplace group.

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