How to access the admin console

The admin console empowers all Asana admins and super admins with the administrative capabilities they need to champion Asana within their organizations.

The admin console offers a range of administrative capabilities, including insights into how the organization uses Asana, management of all members and teams, and control over security settings. Admins can access detailed metrics, manage user roles, and customize security settings.

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Key features and benefits

Access management

Invite new users, adjust permissions, and ensure the right people have access.

Security and compliance controls

With a suite of security features, including SAML and two-factor authentication, the admin console empowers admins to maintain strict security standards.

Data and analytics insights

Gain valuable insights into how Asana is used across your organization—view the most active teams and other usage patterns to make informed decisions that drive efficiency.


Manage integrations with other tools and platforms, ensuring a seamless workflow across your tech stack.

Access the organization admin console

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To access the admin console:

  1. Click on your profile photo
  2. Select Admin Console from the drop-down menu.

Team admins cannot access the admin console.

Insights tab


From the Insights tab, you can:

  • Understand how your organization is using Asana through high-level metrics
  • See recently added teammates
  • View the most influential members in your organization (active members with the most invites sent, teams created, and projects shared in Asana)
  • With Asana Advanced or legacy tier Business, you can view detailed engagement activity over time to spot trends in your organization's usage of Asana
Project count does not include archived projects or deleted projects.
Task count includes both complete and incomplete tasks, but not deleted tasks.



From the resources tab, you can:

  • Connect your team with onboarding tutorials and tips to help get started in Asana
  • Find resources to help your team master and discover new ways to use Asana 
  • Explore and understand admin features

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