Viewing and filtering your goals


When navigating and reviewing goals, you can customize your view with filters to focus on what matters the most.

New to Asana Goals? Check out our Get started with Asana Goals article.

Company goals

filter company goals

From your Company goals tab, you can filter by:

  1. Goal owner
  2. Status
  3. Time period

Team goals

When searching for team goals, you can use the team selector to view goals that belong to specific teams.

filter team goals

From the Team goals tab, you can filter goals by:

  1. Teams to which the goals belong to
  2. Goal owner
  3. Status
  4. Time period

You can select teams you’re a member of or public and request-to-join teams. Private teams, you’re not a member of won’t appear in your search.

My goals

my goals

From the My goals tab, you can filter goals by:

  1. All goals
  2. Open goals
  3. Closed goals