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Email field Task field:
Email to Task in My Tasks
Additional address added in the To: field Task assignee
CC'd email recipients Task collaborators
Email subject Task name
Email body Task description
Email attachments Task attachments

Please note that x in '' is not a variable.

Email tasks to your My Tasks

To create tasks in your My Tasks via email, send an email to By default, will create a task in the workspace or organization associated with your email address chosen in the Email Forwarding tab.

To change the organization or workspace associated with your email address:

  • Click your profile photo at the right of the top bar
  • Select My Settings
  • Select the Email Forwarding tab
  • Choose the organization or workspace that you want to associate with your email address

From the Email Notifications tab you have the option to Add more email addresses to your account. When adding an additional email address to your Asana account, note that adding an email address that is already associated with a different Asana account will result in both accounts being merged. This is an irreversible change.

Email tasks to a project

You can send emails to create tasks directly in any Asana project.

Every project in Asana has a unique email address, that can be used to create tasks in that project.


To find a project's email address:

  1. Click on drop-down arrow beside Project name in Project Actions
  2. Click on Import and then choose Email

You can manually identify your project's email address by using the project's unique ID:

  • Open any project
  • Your project ID is the string of numbers in your project's URL (it should look like

To create a task in your project via email, send an email to For example, if your projectID is 123, you would email

Create tasks straight from your email inbox with the Asana for Gmail add-on or Asana for Outlook integration.

Please note users can only create tasks in project's that they are already a member of unless both the project and the team are public. In this case users can create tasks without becoming a member of the project.

Email messages

You can post messages to your teams or projects by sending an email.


Email to team messages

Team ID (1).png

At the bottom of every team's messages page, there is an email address listed. The email address for any team message is [TeamID]


Email to project messages

Project ID (1).png

At the bottom of every project's messages page, there is an email address listed. The email address for any project message is [ProjectID]

Send an email to this address to create a post in that Team or project. You can also CC other people to add them as collaborators to your message.

In organizations, you can only send message posts via email from your company email address.

For example, if you were in the organization, you can only post a message via email by sending a message from your email address, even if you have other email addresses attached to your user account.

Ensure that everyone you include in the CC or To fields have access to your workspace, organization or project in Asana, and that you use the email address associated with their Asana account. If they do not have access, you may receive a notification indicating that your task could not be created.

Auto-forward emails

If you want to create tasks in Asana for emails you regularly receive, you may want to automatically forward them. To auto-forward emails to Asana:

  1. Create a forwarding email account.
  2. In Asana, add forwarder@ to your organization or workspace and add this email address to Asana and the project you're emailing to.
  3. Log out of your Asana account and log in as the forwarder account, then turn off the account's email notifications
  4. Set your forwarder@ account to auto-forward mail into your Asana project. The following are instructions for common email clients:

Now, every time forwarder@ receives an email, it will be forwarded to the Asana project and assigned to the forwarding account. These tasks can then easily be reassigned.

Email authentication

To ensure that your account is safe from potential phishing and email spoofing, we require that the mail server that sends your emails is properly configured for your email domain. The server must be configured so that the domain of the envelope address matches the domain of the from address. If this is not the case, you will receive an error message indicating that these addresses are misaligned and will need to contact your mail server admin to resolve this.


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