Asana for Outlook add-in

An Office 365 subscription and access to Microsoft AppSource are required to use Asana for Outlook. In addition to the Outlook Web App, we support the Outlook 2021 Windows to the latest version of the Desktop app and the Outlook 2019 Mac desktop app to the latest version. For subscription Office versions (i.e., Microsoft 365) on Windows, we support the combination of Windows 10 1903 and Office 365 16.0.11629 each to their latest version.

Install Asana for Outlook

This new add-in is available to everyone with access to Microsoft AppSource and uses Asana and Outlook. To install the Asana add-in:

  1. Go to the Microsoft Marketplace and click Get it now.

  2. Follow the instructions to add the Asana add-in to your Outlook inbox.

Create & Related Task

Once you've done that, you will see Create Task and Open Asana Add-in buttons with the Asana logo in the top bar of your Outlook inbox.

Admins will see the option to install this for everyone in their organization.

Turn emails into trackable, actionable tasks

As action items come in via email, like reviewing work from your agency or a request for design assets from a partner, you can now create tasks for them in Asana right from Outlook. You can then assign the new task to yourself or a teammate, set a due date, and add it to a project, so it’s connected to other relevant work.

Create Tasks

To turn an email into a task:

  1. Click the Asana icon at the top of the email and click Create Asana Task
  2. Once you've filled in the task details, click Create task

It's currently only possible to set a due date for a task at creation time. It's not possible to add/adjust a due date for existing tasks.

Add emails to existing tasks to capture context

Your entire team probably isn’t copied on every email chain that includes information they need to do their jobs. But without these details and context, they can’t effectively do their work.

Whether it’s a proposal from an agency, an email from a candidate with their contact information, or another team at your company requesting design resources, you want your entire team to have the right information to do their job. Instead of switching between tools to copy and paste this information, simply add the email to an existing Asana task as a comment right from Outlook.

Related Tasks

To add emails to an existing task:

  1. Click the Asana icon at the top of the email and click Open Asana Add-in
  2. Search for the task you’d like to add the email to, and then click Add email


From the Asana for Outlook add-in settings, you can switch between workspaces and organizations or simply log out.


To access Asana for Outlook settings:

  1. Click the Asana icon at the top of the email and click Open Asana Add-in
  2. Click the gear icon that appears at the top of the Asana for Outlook pane 

From here, you can switch between your Asana domains or simply log out.

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