Asana for Tableau integration

The Asana for Tableau integration is available to all Asana Business and Enterprise customers.

Tableau is a powerful business intelligence tool, that lets you build reports based on data from multiple sources. The Asana for Tableau integration pulls task data for all tasks in a given team or portfolio.

Connect Tableau to your Asana data to visualize and report on your team’s work.

Requirements for installation

Both you and the team you're getting data for must have Asana Business. You also need access in Asana to the data that you wish to sync to Tableau.

You need to have Tableau Desktop enabled to use the Asana for Tableau integration. Apply for a free trial of Tableau here.

Use cases

  • Make sure teams are hitting their SLAs
  • Report on cross-functional work by customer
  • See internal engagement with Asana

Using the Asana Web Data Connector

To use the Asana Web Data Connector, open Tableau on your Desktop. From the Connect menu on the sidebar, select Web Data Connector.

web data connector 1


Paste Asana's Web Data Connector link:

web data connector 2


Login using your Asana credentials.

web data connector 3


Then, authorize the Asana for Tableau integration to access your Asana account.

Porfolio or team link

Finally, paste the link for the team or portfolio.

It will take between a few seconds and a few minutes for your data to sync, depending on the size of the team or portfolio.

Refresh extract

If you would like to automatically refresh extract from the Web Data Connector data source, you will need to follow the instructions listed in the Tableau Knowledge Base  

Asana WDS

Secondary URLs:


The Asana for Tableau integration supports:

  • Pulling summary project and task data from teams and portfolios
  • Associated custom fields and tags on tasks
  • Project descriptions and dates
  • Milestones and sections
  • Projects with less than 10k tasks

Projects with 0 Tasks will not be included.

The Asana for Tableau integration does not support:

  • Subtasks
  • Custom field value history (e.g. how long did it spend in "awaiting review")
  • Full organization exports

Sample dashboards

Task overview

task overview


Team health dashboard

team health

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