Keyboard shortcuts


Use keyboard shortcuts to speed up your workflow. The main keyboard shortcuts are shown below.

Learn more about rich text formatting in this article.  

It's important to note that some shortcuts may not work if you’re using a keyboard with a non-English input.  

iPad users can hold down the command key to see all the available shortcuts.


Inbox macOS Windows
Move up/down K / J K / J
Jump to Activity tab A A
Jump to Archive tab D D
Join or leave task F F
Archive Ior E Ior E
Move to inbox U U


Tasks macOS Windows
Quick add task Tab-Q Tab-Q
Delete selected task(s) Tab-Del Tab-Del
Complete selected task(s) ⌘↵ Return Ctrl-↵ Return
Open task details Tab↵ Return Tab↵ Return
Close task details Esc Esc
Set due date Tab-D Tab-D
Assign to me Tab-M Tab-M
Jump to task description Tab-R Tab-R
Like selected task Tab-K Tab-K
Comment on task Tab-C Tab-C
Add collaborators Tab-F Tab-F
Join task Tab-J Tab-J
Leave task Tab-L Tab-L
Add tag Tab-T Tab-T
Add task(s) to project Tab-P Tab-P
Add subtask(s) Tab-S Tab-S
View full screen Tab-X Tab-X

Task actions

Task actions macOS Windows
Create a new task ↵ Return ↵ Return
Create a new task above the current task ↵ Return ↵ Return
Create a section   Tab-N Tab-N
Create a follow-up task Tab-F Ctrl-F
Change selected task / /
Move selected task(s) up/down ⌘↑ / ⌘↓ Ctrl-↑ / Ctrl-↓
Move selected task(s) to next/previous section ⌘⇧↑ / ⌘⇧↓ Ctrl-Shift-↑ / Ctrl-Shift-↓
Copy selected tasks ⌘C Ctrl-C
Paste tasks (one per line) ⌘V Ctrl-V


Navigation macOS Windows
Navigate to My tasks   Tab-Z Tab-Z
Navigate to Inbox   Tab-I Tab-I
Navigate to Home Tab-H Tab-H
Collapse sidebar   Tab-O Tab-O
Comment on selected task   Tab-C Tab-C
Assign selected task   Tab-A Tab-A
Set due date   Tab-D Tab-D
Add collaborator   Tab-F Tab-F
Add a tag to the task   Tab-T Tab-T
Focus subtasks   Tab-S Tab-S
Search for a project, tag, person, or task   Tab-/ Tab-/
Enable list view field navigation →→ →→


Selection macOS Windows
Change selection  /   / 
Select range ⇧-Click Shift-Click
Select range ⇧↑⇧↓ Shift-↑Shift-↓
Multi-select individual task   ⌘-Click Ctrl-Click


Application macOS Windows
Show keyboard shortcuts ⌘/ Ctrl-/
Collapse the right pane   ESC ESC
Enter focus mode   Tab-X Tab-X
Quick add   Tab-Q Tab-Q
Post comment (From comment field)   Tab-↵ Tab-↵
What it sounds like Tab-B Tab-B

To use the Tab-B keyboard shortcut, you must enable the Tab-B hack from My settings  

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