How to invite team members to Asana

Now that you’ve created a few tasks and projects, it’s time to start collaborating with your team and get the most out of Asana. In this article, you’ll learn how to invite others to Asana and best practices to set your team up for success. 

Proposing the value of Asana

Here are some of the benefits of using Asana that you can share with your team:

  • Asana enables real-time collaboration with team members, ensuring seamless teamwork and timely completion of tasks. 
  • It helps manage individual work and boosts personal productivity by improving organization and time management. 
  • Each task has a single owner and a due date, making it clear who is responsible for its completion and providing a timeline for when the work is expected to be finished. 
  • Asana allows you to share project progress, updates, and key metrics with your manager or stakeholders, ensuring that everyone is informed and aligned on the status of the work.

How to invite teammates to Asana

There are several ways to invite people to Asana.

From the quick add button

  1. Click the Quick add button and select Invite
  2. From here, you can Invite with email or Invite with link

To invite with email, select a team you want to add them to and a project, then add their email address and click Send. To invite with a link, select a team you want to add them to, click Create link, and then Copy link.

From the team’s overview page

  1. Navigate to the team’s Overview page and click Add member
  2. Add their email and click Invite

From the project or portfolio

You can add teammates directly to projects or portfolios. Click the Share button at the top-right corner, add their names or emails, and click Send.

After choosing any of these options and inputting your teammates’ emails, an Asana invite will be emailed to them on your behalf. Ensure you’re using work email addresses so everyone ends up in your organization together.

Learn more about inviting people to your organization.

Setting your team up for success

Once your teammates sign up for Asana, you’re ready to start tracking your work together. Here are a few tips for a smooth kickoff:

  • The Intro to Asana section in the Help Center is a great place to start. This is where you will find all the basics you need to know when getting started with Asana. Start with Setting up your Asana profile and How to start using Asana articles.
  • The Help Center is a great resource for learning how to use the different features within Asana. 
  • Establish a few conventions with your team so you’re all on the same page.
  • Invite teammates to your existing projects and brainstorm even more potential projects your team could set up in Asana. Building a project together gets everybody invested.
  • Add them as collaborators on relevant tasks, and encourage them to assign you tasks and comment, like, add attachments to, or even complete a task instead of sending emails or chat messages.
  • Create a project a few weeks into use to clarify questions, reflect on how things are going, and make note of the benefits you can convey to your team.

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