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This article refers to Premium, one of Asana's legacy tiers. For information on Asana's new tiers, visit the dedicated pages for Asana Starter, Advanced, Enterprise, and Enterprise+.

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Asana Premium features*

Asana Premium provides all of the following features in addition to what's already included in Asana Personal, our free tier.  

Project management made easy

  • Forms—Capture the right details every time for any project brief or request. Forms are directly connected to projects, so once submitted, you can track them all in one place.
  • Custom fields—Create drop-down, number, or text custom fields in projects and portfolios to capture information uniformly, track the status, and to sort and filter information (like spreadsheet columns.) You can also get notifications when custom fields are changed.
  • Task dependencies—Mark a task as waiting on another to help keep complex projects on track and ensure the right work is getting done at the right time.
  • Start dates and times—Align your team's objectives and prevent tasks and dependencies from slipping. Schedule tasks with precision across days or down to the minute. Setting these is as simple as clicking on the due date field and adding the desired start date, time, and due date.
  • Timeline—A Gantt-style view of how each piece of your project fits together that helps you start projects on the right foot and hit your deadlines.
  • Asana-created templates—Use our pre-made templates to quickly add new workflows to Asana, based on our best practices. You can further customize the templates to match your workflow as needed.
  • Custom templates—Standardize common workflows by creating custom project templates that anyone can use.
  • Workflow builder—Coordinate work across teams by automating processes. Create efficient workflows visually, connecting teams and organizing projects seamlessly.
  • Jira Cloud & Server Integration—Bridge the planning in Asana with the development in Jira. Monitor Jira issues right inside Asana tasks.
  • Rules—Streamline tasks and establish workflows. Set triggers to activate rules and auto-perform actions like assigning tasks when due dates are set.

Reporting and progress insights

  • Milestones—Make project goals clear and keep your team motivated by setting task milestones as key markers of progress.
  • Status updates—Craft a status update in seconds to share with relevant stakeholders. You can also save update templates and utilize graphs from dashboard to populate updates.
  • Dashboard—Provides custom real-time charts to help you understand where work may be blocked or off-track, with the ability to export charts to PNG.*
  • Saved advanced searches—Save searches based on specific criteria to help you find work again, or make assessments based on your search criteria.
  • Reporting across unlimited projects—Universal reporting offers easily digestible visual data. Combine charts for a quick overview of key metrics.

Balance privacy and transparency

  • Privacy settings—Have the option to make projects private to members, team only or shared with organization.  Have the option to make teams private, public to organization or membership by request.
  • Admin controls—Designate an administrator to manage users and teams and configure Google SSO for their organization.†
  • Comment-only projects—Prevent accidental changes to your projects or templates and allow certain project members to make only task comments, while still giving them access to information in the project.
  • Google SSO—Login to Asana with ease using Google SSO. Simply click Use Google Account from the login page.

Get the most out of Asana

  • More members—Purchase a plan for your whole team, department, or company. You can also invite guests so vendors, contractors, and other contributors can work with you too.
  • Unlimited free guests—Invite as many guests as you need without adding seats to your subscription. Guests do not contribute to the overall seat count when upgrading an organization.
  • Priority support—When you have a question for our team, or need troubleshooting tips, you can skip the line and get the help you need.
  • Customer Success resources—Get onboarding resources, recorded trainings, access to our customer community, and learning materials from our Customer Success team to make sure your team is successful using Asana.†
  • Asana Academy—Navigate Asana with confidence. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced user. Discover Asana’s help resources here.

*All Asana Premium features are also included for Asana Business and Legacy Enterprise plans.

†Available only to Premium, Business and Legacy Enterprise organizations and divisions. Not available with a team subscription.

Please note that this article refers to Premium, one of Asana's legacy tiers. For information on Asana's new tiers, visit the dedicated pages for Asana Starter, Advanced, Enterprise, and Enterprise+.

See our pricing page for more.

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