Learn about Asana enterprise features

Asana connects company-wide goals to the work needed to achieve them across teams and functions. For larger teams and companies with complex workflows, you need the right features in place for security, administration and efficiency. With Asana Enterprise, your organization has access to Asana’s full suite of work management features to create consistent processes across teams, implement advanced security functionalities and powerful admin and data controls to secure at scale and make data-backed decisions.

In addition to all the Asana Premium and Asana Business features, Asana Enterprise also gives you:


Customization and Support


Integrations and infrastructure

Team admin Custom branding Japan data center SIEM integrations
Admin console mobile data controls Admin announcements Eu data center eDiscovery Integrations
Disable forms Unlimited Bundles Australian Data Center Service accounts
Restrict guest invites 24/7 Support Uptime SLA Admin app Management
Audit log api Universal Workload EKM Mange approved workspaces
Saml authentication   Domain export DLP integrations
Toggle vimeo recording     Block integrations
Mandatory 2FA      
Individual 2fa reset      
File attachment options      
Forms access permission      
Team privacy settings default      

Asana Enterprise is recommended for large companies, and those seeking more security and admin controls to meet their needs and requirements:

  • Enterprise customers get more assistance and attention that’s specific to their needs so everyone can be successful implementing and using Asana
  • Premium plans offer some admin controls, but only Enterprise has full-service admin capabilities
  • Your data in Asana is always protected, but Enterprise offers more control over this information and additional data back-ups

Get the most out of Asana

A dedicated Customer Success Manager will help transition your workflows to Asana, provide custom trainings, as well as help you design processes and more. Plus, we guarantee you’ll get priority support responses within two business hours.

Still have questions before you upgrade? Contact our sales team or visit our Enterprise page. We’re here to answer any questions you have to make sure that Enterprise is right for your organization.