Task fields

This article will cover the different fields you’ll find within a task details pane. From marking tasks complete, adding assignees, setting due dates, to multi-homing tasks into projects.

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Task details pane

All task fields can be found and modified from the task details pane. Click on any task to reveal its details in the task details pane.     

highlight right pane

From the top of the task details pane, you can:

  1. Mark the task complete or incomplete
  2. Like the task
  3. Upload files
  4. Add subtasks
  5. Copy the task's URL
  6. Track the time spent on the task
  7. View the task in full screen
  8. Access additional task options


highlight task details pane

Fill out a task's fields:

  1. Edit the task's name
  2. Add an assignee
  3. Set a due date
  4. Add the task to a project
  5. Add task dependencies
  6. Add tags and view custom fields
  7. Add a description to give the task more context
  8. Post a comment
  9. Add or remove collaborators

Mark tasks complete or incomplete

Mark a task complete to indicate that it's done.

task complete

You can mark a task complete by either:

  1. Clicking the check icon from the main pane
  2. Clicking the Mark complete button from the task details pane

You can mark a task incomplete if there is still work to be done by clicking the check mark or the Completed button.

By default, only incomplete tasks will appear in your My tasks and projects. You can filter to show completed tasks.

A task's associated projects

A task can belong to up to 20 different projects at any given time. You can see all projects a task belongs to in the projects field in the task details pane and the section it belongs to.

multihome 1

To add the task to another project, click Add to projects. To remove the task from a project, click the x icon next to the project's name.

You will see the task in every project it's multi-homed to. This is useful when a task is relevant to multiple projects.

Please note, you will only see a task's associated projects if you have access to those projects. Learn more about project permissions.

The task will exist simultaneously in all of those projects. This will not duplicate the task - if you complete the task in one project, it will be completed in all projects it is associated with.

Press Tab+P on your keyboard to quickly add the task to a project.

Task description

Task descriptions allow you to describe, give directions, or add context to a task. The description field is in the task details pane.

task description.png

To format the task description click the + icon to open the multi-select toolbar.

Task descriptions support rich text and emojis.


Use a like to quickly acknowledge, approve, or praise your teammate’s work.


Click the thumbs up icon to like a task.

You can also like tasks via inbox notifications.

Once the task is liked, it will appear:

  1. Next to the task's name in the main pane
  2. At the top of the task details pane

To un-like the task, simply click the thumbs up icon again.

You will see a like option for:

  • Tasks
  • Task comments
  • Task attachments
  • Task completion


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