Board view


Boards let you organize your work like sticky notes that you can move across sections. They give you a clean, visual overview with the same power as a project in list view. Add items to your board, then drag and drop to move work around or track it through multiple stages.


Creating a board project

Create a board view for your project 1

Create a new project by clicking the Quick Add button in your top bar. Select Project from the drop-down menu. Click +Blank Project.

A pop up window will next give you the option to add your project details. Here you can choose Board as your project layout and default view. Then, click Create project.

Create a board view for your project 2

Creating a section

Get started by adding sections

Click on + Add section. A new section will appear as soon as you name it in the header field.

Use sections as categories to group related work or as stages like "Ready," "In Progress," and "Done" to track a specific workflow.

Adding tasks

Add tasks to a boards project in Asana

Add tasks to your sections using the + button next to the section name. You can click to expand tasks within a section for more details.

Adding a cover image and more options

You can add a cover image to your task by clicking on the three dot icon next to the task name. From there, choose Add cover image and select where you’d like to upload the image from.

cover image 1
cover image 2

After uploading your image, you can:

  1. Show the most recent image
  2. Show no image
  3. Add a new cover image

Bulk actions on tasks

You can perform bulk actions on tasks by holding down the command key on your device and selecting the desired tasks.

Once you’ve selected the tasks, a toolbar will appear.

bulk actions 1

From the toolbar, you can:

  1. Edit a project or section
  2. Copy task links
  3. Delete tasks
  4. Click to view more options

More options

Click the three dot icon on your bulk actions toolbar to view more options.

bulk actions 2

Drag and drop

You can drag and drop tasks and sections to reorganize your work or move it through stages. Project members can rearrange tasks as needed, and collaborators will get updates when tasks move sections, so all members stay on the same page.

Create new tasks with the plus button, then drag and drop them to the appropriate sections and assign and give a due date

You can drag multiple tasks at once to another section by using the Ctrl/Cmd + Click command.

Manage sections

Rename and delete sections

Manage sections in Asana boards project

To edit the section's name or remove it:

  1. Click on the three dot icon to the right of the section's title
  2. You can choose to Rename section
  3. You can choose to Delete section

Sections need to be empty to delete them. Move tasks to other sections or delete them in order to clear a section.

Filtering and sorting tasks

Customize your list view layout

customize board view and save for everyone.png
  1. You can filter and sort tasks using the options on the top left of each project.
  2. To save your layout, click the three dot icon and click Save for everyone.

Clicking Save for everyone will save this project view for everyone you're collaborating with.

save project view as default.png

To save Board as your default view, click the three dot icon next to the Board tab and click Set as default.

Custom fields

Custom fields are the first step toward tracking all types of work in Asana. You can provide even more information on each task and track it in a way that suits your team’s needs.

Manage custom fields

custom fields

To access and manage a board project's custom fields:

  1. Click on the Customize button
  2. Click on + Add custom field or toggle the button to the right to enable a custom field. Blue indicates it's enabled

View custom fields on a board project

view fields

To view a task’s custom fields, click any task on your board project to reveal its task details.

Custom fields are the best way to tag, sort, and filter work. See them in action with a free 30 day Asana trial. Try for free.

You can search for tasks in specific sections of board projects using the advanced search tool.

section search

Once you've opened advanced search and selected a project(s):

  1. Click on the arrow icon next to the board project and select a section
  2. Click Search

Subtask count on boards

You can also view the amount of subtasks on a particular task directly from your board project.

subtask board

The subtask count will appear next to the task name on your board project.

Expanding subtasks

Click on the arrow next to your subtasks from your board view to expand and view them.

expand subtasks