Previously most Asana users had three choices when deciding to upgrade to a paid plan. It was only possible to upgrade a workspace, individual teams within an organization, or an entire organization. This offering works well for small and medium-sized companies. However, for larger companies, it's not always possible to fully commit to a full organization plan, and team plans conversely don't quite fit their needs either.

With a division plan, it's now possible to pay for a subset of your company. You therefore have visibility and control over which individuals you're paying for and what data that includes. If you're interested in setting up a division within your organization, please contact sales.

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How does a division work?

With a division plan, you can upgrade multiple teams under one subscription, and each team member will only count towards a single seat, even if they are members of multiple teams within that division.

How to access the division admin console

Having a division plan means that there is no subscription at the organization level, so instead of the organization admin console, you'll be able to access the division admin console.

To access the division admin console:

  1. Click on your profile photo
  2. In the drop down menu, select Admin console

An admin, super admin, or billing owner of a division can access the division admin console. They can also grant admin access to another member of a team within the division.

Security and billing for divisions

Visit our dedicated article for information on security and billing for divisions.

Managing members and teams in a division

Check out our article on managing members and teams in a division.

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