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The ability to choose a session duration is available to super admins of organizations and divisions. A session’s duration is the amount of time a user can spend logged into Asana before they are logged out automatically by the system. To allow more control and flexibility super admins can control the session duration for Asana web and Desktop users. Setting Session Duration Controls allows the super admin to determine session durations with their companies’ standards in mind, and can select whether they would like the session duration for users to be 14 days or infinite (where the users are never automatically logged out).

Managing session durations

Super admins of organizations can manage session durations by:

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Super admins of organizations can manage session durations by:

  1. Navigating to the admin console
  2. Go to the Security section of your admin console and scroll to Session Duration
  3. Here, you can select from two options: Never automatically log out, where users are logged in for an infinite amount of time Log out after 14 days
  4. Once you have selected from the two options, click Save configuration

As a super admin of a division please reach out to Asana Support to set your divisions’ Session Duration

How this works for an existing user

If the super admin modifies the session duration for their organization, then all existing user sessions will be terminated. When users login again they will get new session duration going forward. For instance, if a super admin chooses a 14-day auto-logout, then all existing user sessions will expire immediately and when users login again they will have 14 days session expiration.

A user who is in multiple domains will have their timeout set to the lowest session duration across all domains.

How this works with SAML login

Users governed by an organization’s SAML login will not be subject to the domain's session duration setting. Instead, their session duration will continue to be defined by the SAML configuration.

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