Google Forms and Asana

Use the integration with Google Forms to funnel submissions from web forms to your projects in Asana.

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Suggested uses

Gather information from people outside of your company:

  • Capture sales leads on your website and manage them in Asana
  • Collect support tickets from users
  • Collect orders or requests
  • Manage and categorize a list of event attendees
  • Use forms on your jobs page, and manage applications in Asana
  • Collect names of people interested in doing user research or beta testing

Gather information from your team or company:

  • Input structured bug details for bug/issue tracking
  • Gather structured info from employees--like contact information
  • Build a system for collecting employee referrals
  • Gather survey feedback that’s public to everyone on your team
  • Create a “suggestion box” for your team

Google Forms

Use Asana's email integration to send responses from Google Forms to your projects in Asana.


Install the Email Notifications for Forms add-on for Google Forms.

forms setup

Create a new rule in Google Forms:

  1. Click the puzzle icon and select Email Notifications for Forms
  2. From the popup window, select Create Email Notification
  3. Enter sender's name and email address
  4. Enter the email address for your project in Asana
  5. Click Continue

The sender's email address will have to be associated with an Asana account that has access to your project.

How to access an email template for forms

From the add-on plugin for Google Forms you can also access the Email Template Designer under the template section to create your very own template.

email template

Email template:

  • From forms access Email Template Designer
  • Users can edit the Email Subject line and the Email Message Body from the pop-up dialog and add a form field
  • Save to create your own template

Users can also create email templates for notifications.