Instagantt + Asana

Instagantt is a web app that creates Gantt charts to help you visually plan projects and schedule tasks with your team. You can create start dates, set a progress percentage, and link tasks.


Create an Instagantt account. You can sign up with your email address or through Asana using Asana Connect.

connect projects

Select which of your My tasks lists and projects in any of your workspaces or organizations you'd like to sync with Instagantt.

You can create a group of up to 10 projects from different workspaces and organizations. Within a group, you can order tasks by project and by section within those projects.

disconnect projects

Remove projects from Instagantt

To disconnect a project or My tasks:

  1. From the sidebar, click the Projects icon
  2. Click the Gear icon next to the project's name
  3. Click Disconnect

Get started

The projects you've synced will be sorted by workspace and organization in Instagantt's sidebar. They will be in the same order as they are in Asana. You can reorder them in Instagantt, but this won't change the order in Asana.

View projects

view projects

To view a project in Instagantt:

  1. Navigate to the sidebar
  2. Select the project

Project colors you've set in Asana will reflect in Instagantt.

Due dates and colors

Tasks will display in Instagantt in 3 colors:

  • Green - tasks that have been completed on time
  • Blue - tasks on track to be completed on time
  • Red - overdue tasks that are incomplete
due dates

If tasks don’t have a due date, they won’t appear in the chart, but you can easily add them by clicking wherever you’d like their bar to begin.

Mark tasks complete from Instagantt

You can mark tasks complete directly from Instagantt, and they will be marked complete in your project in Asana.

mark complete

To mark a task complete:

  1. Click the checkbox icon next to the task's name

The tasks you checked will be marked as complete in your project in Asana.

Create tasks from Instagantt

You can create tasks directly from Instagantt, and they will appear in your project in Asana.

add taks

To create a task in Instagantt, click the + Add task button sign. Instagantt will let you to set a task name and assignee.

Task details in Instagantt

You can view and edit a task's details directly from Instagantt.

To view or edit a task's details, select a task and it will open up the task's details. Any details you change in Instagantt will reflect in Asana.

Instagantt allows you to:

  • Open the task in Asana  
  • Change or view the task's assignee  
  • Change or view the due date  
  • Add or delete tags to the task  
  • Change the task's progress percentage
  • Add or create subtasks  
  • Edit the task description  
task description

Beyond the basics

Create dependencies

You can link tasks together to show one task's dependency on another.

set dependency

To create a dependency:

  1. Hover over the task
  2. Drag the dependency setter to the task it will be dependent on

remove dependency

To remove a dependency:

  1. Hover over the task and click the wrench icon
  2. Select Unlink from...
  3. Choose the task you want to unlink from

If the task has multiple dependencies, you can either unlink one dependency or all dependencies.

Task start and due dates

You can click and drag a task in Instagantt to change the start date and due date of any task. Learn more about start dates in Asana.

Drag the task to the left to change the start date, or drag the task to the right to change the due date.

Filter tasks

You can filter tasks in Instagantt by start and due datesestimated hoursprogress status, and assignee.


Show or hide completed tasks

You can show all tasks or hide completed tasks in Instagantt.

completed tasks

To change how tasks are displayed:

  1. Click Options
  2. Select Completed tasks since:
  3. Select what tasks you want to display

Export Instagantt charts

If you want to print or include the Instagantt chart in a presentation, you can export it as an image and PDF.


To export:

  1. Click Export & Share
  2. Select one of the options

Resync with Asana

If changes were made in Asana and you want them to reflect in Instagantt, click the sync cloud in the right corner to resync the projects.

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