Release notes

Last updated 9.14.23 with releases from September 2023

September 2023

  • Org-wide goal templates and types: Standardize how everyone in an organization writes goals with 3 fixed org-wide goal types and customizable templates.

  • Goals CSV export: Export company goals, team goals, and status update data into a spreadsheet.

  • Goals description text editor upgrade: The goal description text editor now supports headers, tables, inline images, and more. 
  • Set tasks to repeat on a certain day of the month: Select a specific weekday for recurring tasks when setting a task to repeat monthly.
  • Universal workload filters: Use filter options in universal workload for a more targeted view of the work you want to see. Select from filters like “Task completion status,” “Include tasks from,” “Subtasks filter,” and more. 
  • Advanced formula custom fields: Create more complex formulas in custom fields with the advanced formula builder.
  • Update text and numeric custom fields with rules: Create a rule action to set the value of a numeric or text custom field when a rule is triggered. See how.
  • Updates to saved views: Now, there are more ways to customize saved views. Add, remove, reorder, and rename project views. Save multiple copies of the same view with different filters, sorts, and section collapse configurations.
  • Custom project tab icons: Replace default project tabs based on the layout with an emoji. Start the tab name with an emoji for it to become the tab icon. Get some tips on the power of using emojis.
  • Project sharing permissions enhanced: Project admins can now customize who can share a project and modify members. Learn more.
  • Asana + Google Docs smart chips: With Google Docs smart chips, @-mention Asana tasks directly into a Google Doc to surface relevant data from Asana and maintain visibility on workflow progress.
  • Asana + Jira cloud data sync: Improve collaboration and strategic planning with a two-way sync to automate updates between designated fields in Asana and Jira

August 2023

  • Updates to universal workload: Universal workload now includes subtasks when an effort field, due date, and assignee are added. Share the universal workload view with teammates, and favorite a universal workload view to save it in the sidebar. Learn more about universal workload.

  • Editor access level in projects: Allow Editor level permissions for project members who need to add and edit tasks and messages without modifying the project structure.

  • View-level saving in projects: Save a default project view for everyone and set different filters and sorts per view. See how to surface the most relevant information by saving views.

  • Task or all subtasks completion status in rules: Add a new rule for when tasks or all subtasks are marked complete. For example, set a rule to complete a parent task when all subtasks are completed.

  • Dynamic values: Variable assignee in rules: Use variables for the assignee when creating a rule with "create task" or "create subtask/approval." Read more about variables in rules.

  • @mention in basic search: Search a collaborator or project by @-mentioning in the search bar. Learn more about basic search.

  • Custom project Icons: Enterprise customers can add custom icons to projects.

  • Improvements to admin app management: Super admins can include a message when the app blocked feature is turned on. Read more about app management and integrations.

  • Enhancements to Asana and Okta SCIM integration: SCIM provisioning sync now allows IT admins to sync enhanced user profile attributes, such as location, manager, and cost center, from Okta to Asana.

July 2023

  • Workflow bundles: Standardize processes at scale with bundles. Apply any combination of rules, fields, sections, and task templates across multiple projects at once. Learn more.

  • Variables in rules: Reference variables, such as task assignee, task creator, due date, and custom field values in the “Add a comment” text field when creating rules. Read more.

  • Goals planning template: Use this goals process workflow to make it easier for you to orchestrate your organization's or team's goals process in Asana. Get more details.

  • Goals duplication: Duplicate existing Goals in Asana and specify which attributes to copy over when creating a new goal.

  • Salesforce for Asana Goals integration: Create goals in Asana directly from Salesforce, and connect your Asana goals with data and insights from Salesforce to help you monitor impact. Check out more. Also, create and view reports of your Salesforce-powered goals in Universal Reporting.

  • Formula custom fields on Mobile: See formula custom fields from both Android and iOS apps. Learn more.

  • Admin controls for artificial intelligence features: Super admins can turn on or off Asana’s artificial intelligence features to use machine learning for their organization. Find out how to optimize with artificial intelligence.

  • Hubspot integration in rules: Set up rules for deal updates to automatically create and update Asana tasks. See more on the HubSpot + Asana integration.

June 2023

  • Add formulas to custom fields: Use basic formulas in custom fields to manage numerical data. Read more.

  • Auto-shifting dates for dependent tasks: Due dates between dependent tasks will now automatically shift from any project view. Learn how.

  • ”Mark task as approval” rule action: Create a rule to automatically convert a task to an approval. Find the new action under the “Update task” section in the custom rule builder. See how to use rules to create a task action.

  • Universal workload: View your teammates' workloads across all tasks and projects in Asana. Access universal workload from the reporting tab. Learn more.

  • Increased custom field limits: We’ve increased the custom field limit in projects from 30 to 100.

  • Preset rules for integrations in Premium: Preset rules for select integrations are now available in Premium. Check out more on rules integrations and widgets.

  • Filtering in portfolios: Use basic filtering functionality to view a subset of projects within a portfolio. See how.

  • Date filtering option on the Export API: Super Admins in Enterprise accounts can use Service Accounts to apply date filtering on tasks and messages when using the Export API. Learn more about Service Accounts.

May 2023

  • Duplicate dashboard for universal reporting: Duplicate a dashboard in the “Reporting” tab for easier setup and standardization. See how.

  • New text formatting for comments: Add headings, images, and tables in comments across tasks, messages, status updates, and goals. Check out more on text formatting.

  • Updates to critical path on Timeline: The critical path task limit has been increased to 2000. Read about critical path on Timeline.

  • Multi-filter for calendar view: Apply multiple filters to calendar views in projects, just like on list and board views. Learn more about multi-sort and multi-filter in project views.

  • Export audit logs to CSV: Super admins in Enterprise domains can export audit log events to CSV from the Admin Console via the Security tab.

  • Actual time in advanced search: Search for actual time in advanced search and specify the search criteria in HH:MM format with options like equal to, less than, greater than, between, etc. Learn about time tracking.

  • Developer app sharing settings: Developers can choose how their apps are distributed and have the ability to share an app with specific workspaces only. See more about managing distribution.

  • Print to PDF from status updates: Print to PDF from project, portfolio, and goal status updates. See where to print a status update.

  • People and date fields for reporting: Group and filter by people and date custom fields for reporting on projects, portfolios and for universal reporting.

April 2023

  • Portfolio dashboards: Track and manage real-time insights across all projects within a portfolio. Read more.

  • Custom field rollups in portfolios: Add a rollup to see a view-only custom field that sums numeric data across all projects within that portfolio. Learn about adding custom field rollups to a portfolio.

  • Bynder integration: See important information fields for assets with the Bynder task widget. Connect Bynder + Asana.

  • Notion integration: Preview and sync Asana tasks and projects inside Notion pages and databases with rules and task widgets for Notion. Connect Notion + Asana.

  • Confluence integration: Use Asana Rules to attach Confluence pages in Asana tasks. Connect Confluence + Asana.

  • Docusign integration: View the details of DocuSign envelopes in Asana tasks with the DocuSign widget. Connect DocuSign + Asana.

  • Multi-sort and multi-filter in projects: Apply multiple filters in the project view. Choose from multiple sort options in ascending or descending order. See how.

  • Draft comment widget on Home: View un-submitted comments by adding the Draft Comments widget to your Asana Home screen. Check out this post.

  • Previous status updates: Reference a previous status update from the “build your update” pane when creating a new status update making it easier to copy/paste.

  • Proofing images from task descriptions: Use proofing to add feedback directly from an image embedded in a task description or comment. Learn more about proofing.

March 2023

  • Time tracking subtask rollups: See actual and estimated time field values on subtasks roll up and sum in the parent task. See more about subtask rollups.

  • Time tracking import/export support: Import and export time tracking values with a CSV. Learn more about importing time tracking values.

  • Time tracking support in templates: Estimated and actual time fields are carried over to any project created from a project template where these fields are used.

  • Time tracking read API support: Now it's possible to read time tracking information for tasks in the API. See further information on read data in our Community Forum.

  • Reporting by time contributor: Use the time contributor filter called “Time added by” to see who added time. Check out how to build charts by time contributors in project, portfolio, and universal reporting dashboards.

  • Sections to forms: Add headings to your form to organize questions into sections. See how to create a form heading.

  • Freshdesk + Asana integration: Synchronize your Freshdesk tickets and Asana tasks to see important context and updates in both tools. Get Freshdesk for Asana.

  • Intercom + Asana integration: Keep track of Intercom conversations and their statuses in Asana. Install Intercom for Asana.

  • Mailchimp + Asana integration: Streamline Mailchimp email campaign details and metrics in Asana tasks. Connect Mailchimp and Asana.

  • Additions to Asana’s Audit Suite: Asana’s Audit Suite now includes Data Loss Prevention (DLP), archiving, and eDiscovery integrations to help prevent data leakage and meet compliance needs. Read more about Asana’s Audit Suite for Enterprise organizations in the Asana Guide and the Community Forum.

  • SCIM deprovisioning customization: Super admins can customize who is the default recipient of a deprovisioned user’s previously assigned tasks after they are deprovisioned via SCIM. Read more about SCIM deprovisioning customization.

February 2023

  • Goals team sharing: Scale and socialize goals more easily by adding teams as collaborators to goals, not only individual contributors. Learn more about sharing goals.

  • Rules on subtasks: Automate workflows that rely on subtasks. Select an option to include tasks and subtasks when creating a rule.

  • Integrations in rules: Automate work across tools to keep teams more connected with these new integrations in custom rulesGoogle CalendarDropboxBoxOneDrive.

  • Subtasks on timeline: See subtasks in timeline view to visualize complex projects with dependent workstreams. Read more about subtasks on timeline.

  • Variable assignees in project templates: Add roles to a project template to create assignee placeholders that will automatically assign tasks to the right teammate when launching a project from the template. See how to add roles to a project template.

  • Create projects from templates in portfolios: Launch new projects from templates in the portfolio view.

  • Lag shifting due dates in timeline view: Maintain buffer time between dependent tasks when changing due dates in the timeline view. See more about auto-shifting dates for dependent tasks.

  • Start and stop timer: Track time with a timer on tasks. In addition to manually entering time for work in the past, now start a timer to capture work actively being done.

  • Drag and drop images in task descriptions: Drag and drop an image into the task description from your desktop. Learn more about adding in-line images.

  • New question type in forms - start/end dates: Add a date range question so that form submitters can enter a start and end date.

  • HubSpot + Asana integration: Keep track of important context from deals and email marketing campaigns in Asana. Connect HubSpot and Asana.

  • New developer documentation: Build better with Asana. See an updated version of Asana’s developer documentation.

  • Asana Academy refresh: The Asana Academy has a new look (and it’s more than just a makeover): Explore new learning paths to get started or dive deeper into using the Asana platform.

  • 20-day productivity challenge Level up your productivity with our 20-day productivity challenge, a new course to help you get into a more productive routine for working smarter, not harder, in 2023.

January 2023

  • Admin Console mobile data controls: Ensure tighter mobile data security to the Asana app from the “Mobile Apps” section on the Security page of the Admin Console. Learn about what this new section allows Admins of Enterprise domains to do.

  • Estimated hours in Workload: Use estimated hours as an effort field in Workload to standardize resource planning across teams and projects. See how to add task effort to gauge capacity.

  • People and date custom fields in Portfolios: Portfolios now support tracking with People and Date Custom Fields. Read about [managing custom field data for projects in a Portfolio] (

  • Comment-only projects in Portfolios: Comment-only projects can now be added to Portfolios.

  • Attachment upload date on hover: Know which attachment is most recent when similar attachments are on the same task. See a tooltip with the uploaded date and time when hovering over the attachment.

December 2022

  • Time tracking: Track and report on estimated and actual time spent on tasks. Read more about how time tracking is rolling out over 3 release phases.

  • Custom fields in My Tasks: Add new private custom fields in My Tasks or add existing fields already used in projects. Like fields in projects, you can add fields to your My Tasks via the customize menu.

  • Create a new task using rules: Create new tasks, milestones, or approval tasks in rules. Choose a trigger or combination of triggers, and Asana will create the task when the rule runs. See how to create a task action.

  • Updated portfolio view: Resize and reorder columns in the portfolio list, similarly to the Project grid. Read more about portfolio view.

  • Increased limits on forms and form questions: Build up to 20 forms in a single project and add up to 200 questions per form. Check out multiple forms per project.

November 2022

  • Goals in universal reporting: Build charts in reporting to see how goals are progressing across the business. Create charts on goals.

  • Enhanced goals in project overview: See important goal information at a glance now that goals are more prominent in the project overview.

  • New integrations in rules: Build new rules with fresh integrations including Gmail, PagerDuty, and Twilio. Read more on how these integrations work with Asana.

  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP) integration with Nightfall: Nightfall admins can get alerts when sensitive data, such as social security or credit card numbers, are entered into Asana. See how to connect Nightfall for Asana.

  • Asana for Workplace integration: Convert Workplace conversations into actionable tasks in Asana without switching back and forth between tools. Learn more about Asana for Workplace.

  • Duplicate forms and questions: Duplicate forms within a project and questions within the same form. Check out how.

  • New custom fields in portfolios: Find two new fields for portfolios in list view. “duration” will calculate the duration of each project based on the start and due date, and “time remaining” will automatically tally the time left for each project listed in the portfolio. Show or hide these fields from the “customize” menu.

  • Increased custom field options limit: Custom field drop-down options now have a 500 field limit. Read about different field types and limitations.

October 2022

  • Desktop App icon: See priority tasks by due date in your My Priorities and set a timer for heads down focus time from the new Desktop App icon.

  • Time in Stage workflow metrics: Report on the time it takes for tasks to move through stages of work with two new reporting fields: Time in section and Time in Custom Field. See how much time tasks have spent in each section of a project or how long they’ve been assigned a custom field value. Learn about Time in Stage

  • Form submission triggers: Set a Rule to automatically move your project form submissions to a new section or project without triaging them manually. Read more

  • Metadata fields on mobile: Access metadata fields (e.g., created by, task creation time) in projects and My Tasks from the mobile app. Toggle fields on or off from within the Customize menu.

  • Goals bi-weekly update reminders: Get goal update reminders every two weeks. Select the bi-weekly option from the goal update reminder menu. More on Goal Reminders

  • My Goals drag and drop: Drag and drop goals in the order needed from the My Goals tab.

  • HIPAA Compliance: Asana now offers HIPAA compliance that can be added to Enterprise organizations. Learn more about enabling and maintaining HIPAA.

September 2022

  • Apps in My Tasks: App integrations aren’t just for projects. Add an app to My Tasks by clicking the Customize button and choosing an app from the list. See how
  • Metadata Fields in My Tasks: Metadata Fields (e.g. task creator, task creation time) are now available in My Tasks. Toggle fields on or off from within the Customize menu. Learn more about Metadata Fields
  • New Custom Field types: Date and People Field types are now available. Add a Date field to track dates that are unrelated to a task’s due date. Use the People field to to clarify important roles or stakeholders for a specific task. Check out more on People Custom Fields
  • Access permission for read-only links: Super Admins can implement more data security by restricting read-only link sharing to members within their Organization. See more about Read-only link sharing
  • Form Settings consolidated: View, edit, adjust privacy, and share project Forms from one location within the Form Settings.
  • App intake in Workflow Builder: Easily bring in data from other apps to create tasks in Asana when building workflows in the Workflow Builder. Read more
  • Like from an email notification: Like an Asana task, message, comment, or status update directly from an email notification to keep work moving forward in Asana without leaving your email inbox.
  • Custom password policy: Enterprise Admins can select a “Custom” option to customize the complexity of password requirements for their Organization. Learn more about password strength levels
  • Improvements to the Zapier Connector: Now, there are more ways to trigger Zaps and automate work with the Asana and Zapier integration. See how one of our Asana Community members gets time back by using Asana and Zapier.

August 2022

  • Set a focus for the week: Focus on work that matters most by setting a focus for the week on Asana’s mobile app. A weekly focus stays visible in your My Tasks to keep high priorities top of mind. Find out more
  • Improved Google Drive integration: Sync Google files to tasks in Asana so when a comment is added to a Google file, task collaborators receive a notification of the open comment in Asana. Learn more about Asana and Google Drive
  • Connected work links: See when a task or project has been mentioned elsewhere and access related work. Connected work links appear in the activity feed with a ↔ symbol and are automatically created when @ mentioning in a task, status update, message, or Goal in Asana. Read more
  • Task to Project via Template: Convert a task to a project using a template. From the task three dot menu, select “Convert to” a “Project” and then “Use a template.” Check out how here
  • Mobile push notifications for start and end times: Receive reminders via Asana’s mobile app when your tasks have a start and due time. Download Asana’s mobile app
  • Portfolio limits: You now can add up to 500 projects (including archived projects) to a single Portfolio.

July 2022

  • My Goals: Find and sort the goals you own in the new My Goals tab. Filter by All goals, Open goals, and Closed goals. Read more about My Goals

  • New Home widget: My Goals: Monitor your goals directly from the Home page using the My Goals widget. Access from the Home Customize button

  • Automatic goals progress roll up: Get real-time visibility into the progress of goals with Automatic progress roll-ups. Link projects and subgoals to automatically update each goal. Learn about measuring goal progress

  • Comment only goals: With Comment only goals, team leaders can gain confidence that only the right people can edit company and team goals.

  • Appreciations: Activate the Appreciations feature in Goals each time a goal’s progress is achieved. See more about Goal celebrations

  • Embeddable Forms: Embed Asana Forms on internal or external websites. Copy and paste the embed code snippet to the web pages. Read about sharing Forms

  • Security Contact Email: Super Admins have the option to set a security contact email in the Admin Console to stay informed about security updates. Get more information on the Admin Console

  • Metadata Fields: Task metadata, such as Created on, Created by, or Completed on, can be added as custom fields to projects in List view. Find additional information on Metadata Fields

June 2022

  • Asana for Google Chat and Spaces: Get notified of updates on Asana projects and tasks, and create new tasks right from Google Chat. Start using Asana for Google Chat
  • Asana widget for Figjam: Share design work by importing Asana projects or tasks directly into FigJam. Capture new actions on stickies from within FigJam boards and convert them into tasks in Asana. Learn more about Asana + Figma
  • App Management: App management provides Super Admins in Enterprise Organizations the ability to monitor and control the Apps and service accounts that are active in their domain. Read more

May 2022

  • Search results by task relevance: Search results are now sorted by relevance. Learn more about search and search views
  • New language: Bahasa Indonesia: Asana is now available in bahasa Indonesia. To change your language in Asana, go to your My Profile Settings, and select Display. Learn more
  • New Home widget - Tasks I’ve assigned: Drag and drop the new “Tasks I’ve assigned” widget onto your Home page to see a list of tasks you’ve assigned to others (available on Asana Premium or above). Get started with Asana Home
  • Increased row limit for CSV exports: The task limit for project CSV exports has increased from 2,000 to 140,000.

April 2022

  • Request Goals status updates: Request a status update from the Goal detail page, so the Goal owner is prompted to keep the goal up-to-date with the latest status. Get started with Goals
  • My Goals: Find and sort the goals you own in the new My Goals tab. Read more about My Goals
  • Multiple Forms per project: Create multiple Forms per project to support different types of work requests.
  • Forms access permissionsManage who can access and submit Forms on a project-by-project basis when sharing sensitive information. Enterprise Super Admins can set access permissions across an entire domain.
  • Increased Rule limit: To support more complex automation, we’ve increased the limit of Rules per project from 20 to 50.
  • App Components: Build and publish apps directly into Asana tasks and Rules with App Components, a new developer-focused feature in beta. Learn more about App Components in this on-demand webinar.
  • Subtasks in Charts: Charts in Project Dashboards now include subtasks by default. Choose to exclude subtasks by adding the subtasks filter in the Chart details. Get started with Charts
  • Admin Console Switcher: Easily switch between different Admin Consoles with a new dropdown menu for Asana Admins who access multiple Admin Consoles.

March 2022

  • Workflow Builder: Create more efficient workflows using Workflow Builder, a visual tool to connect teams, organize work, and streamline projects in one place. Learn more about Workflow Builder
  • Redesigned Template Library: Find and save popular and recommended project templates. Explore new templates, including a selection from companies sharing their most successful workflows. Access the Template Library
  • Asana Home: Create a personalized layout on the Home view with customizable sections to prioritize your day, see relevant snapshots from across your team, and dive into the work that matters most. Get started with Asana Home
  • New project status: Complete: Track, report, and move work forward by marking finished projects as complete. Complete a project from the Status update drop-down
  • Report on completion metrics: Build charts measuring how long it takes to complete tasks. Use the Time to complete measure in Project Dashboard charts
  • Multi-select custom fields in Portfolios and Status Updates: Now search for tasks using a combination of multi-select custom field values in Portfolios and Status Updates.
  • My Tasks section mover on mobile: Move tasks between sections in My Tasks without leaving the task detail view on both Asana iOS and Android. Get started with Asana’s mobile app

February 2022

  • Video messaging in Asana: Record and embed Vimeo videos right in Asana to increase team engagement and collaboration. Learn more about video messaging powered by Vimeo
  • Approval subtasks in Rules: Build Rules that automatically add Approval subtasks to tasks.
  • Multi-select custom fields in Advanced Search: Now search for tasks using a combination of multi-select custom field values in Advanced Search.
  • Dark mode in Android: This update supports dark mode in your Android system. Enable the dark theme from your system settings.
  • Line charts in Dashboards: Show changes in data over time with Line charts in Dashboards. Get started with charts in Project Dashboards and in Reporting
  • Start times in Timeline view: Task start and end times are now reflected in the project Timeline view. Plan projects with Timeline
  • Zoom in on Proofing: Zoom in on image attachments when leaving feedback with Proofing. Leave actionable feedback with Proofing
  • Session duration in the Admin Console: Session duration will now default to indefinite unless set to 14 days by Super Admins. Learn more about managing session duration in the Admin Console
  • Enterprise Key Management (EKM): Select qualified Enterprise customers now have the option to use their own encryption key on information stored in Asana. Reach out to your sales contact for more information. Read more on scaling Enterprise security and control
  • New Academy course: 6 steps to rolling out Asana sustainably: Learn how to effectively roll out Asana across teams and businesses in this new self-paced course in the Asana Academy. Check out the course

January 2022

  • Projects in search results: In-app search results now include Projects in addition to Tasks and Messages. Read more about search
  • Multi-select custom fields in Forms and Rules: Now incorporate Multi-select custom fields into your Forms and Custom Rules.
  • Goal details inInbox notifications: Easily see key information about a goal from your Inbox notification in the right pane. Learn about Goals in Asana
  • Time periods in charts: Group data in charts by time periods to see how work is progressing over time. Get started with charts in Reporting and on Project Dashboards
  • New live training: Maximize company efficiency with Asana Business: Join our newest webinar to explore Business tier features to boost your company's efficiency. Register here

December 2021

  • Automate subtasks with Rules: Now add subtasks to tasks in your projects using the custom Rule builder. Learn how
  • Goals comments: Post comments directly on the Goal details page to ask questions, enable conversations, or provide additional information. Read about Goal comments
  • Dashboards copy over in project templates: Dashboards that include charts now carry over when you duplicate a project or create a project from a template. More on Project Dashboards
  • Task Template enhancements: Make your task templates even more powerful by adding dependencies and attachments. And now they’ll copy over when you launch a new project from a template. Get started with Task Templates
  • Updated Asana Academy course: Asana for Admins: If you’re an Enterprise admin, or want to learn more about security controls available for larger organizations, check out the updated lesson “Enterprise security and scalability” in Asana for Admins.

November 2021

October 2021

  • Weekly Calendar view in My Tasks: Keep track of important deadlines and upcoming tasks, one week at a time with the weekly Calendar view in My Tasks
  • Allow Rules to trigger other Rules: Rules can now trigger other Rules, reducing the manual effort needed to get work done. Read more in the Community Forum
  • Improvements to Universal Reporting filters: Add more than one project filter to a chart, including the ability to exclude specific projects. Learn more about Universal Reporting
  • Find Forms in the Customize menu: Now you can access project Forms in the Customize menu as well as from the Forms tab.

September 2021

  • Goals time periods: Coordinate your annual objectives across your entire company by using time periods for Goals. Admins can adjust their organization’s time periods from the Admin console
  • Goals API: Build custom integrations with Asana’s Goals feature using the new Goals API. Read the forum announcement
  • CASB solution for managing approved workspaces: With this feature turned on at a company, employees can only log into the company’s Asana instance from company devices or networks.
  • Task start times: Add start times in addition to due times for tasks that need to kick off at a specific time.
  • Select & action on multiple tasks in My Tasks in iOS: Select multiple tasks and take bulk actions (drag and drop, update dates or fields, etc.) from your My Tasks on iOS. Download the iOS app now

August 2021

  • Company Goals tab: The Goals view now contains two tabs: Company Goals and Team Goals. View your company’s mission and goals, choose which team Goals you want to view, and filter by goal owner or status. More about Goals
  • Easy access to Do Not Disturb on Desktop: Stay in flow while working on Asana’s Desktop app by accessing Do Not Disturb settings from the upper righthand corner. Get the Desktop app
  • Multi-select tasks on iOS: Multi-select tasks and perform bulk actions like updating due dates and custom fields from your My Tasks on iOS. Get Asana for iOS
  • Manage approved workspaces: Enterprise admins can now restrict access to Asana on managed devices and networks, enabling greater security. Learn more about Enterprise Features
  • New Academy course: Asana for Admins: Our new course in the Asana Academy helps Asana Admins manage their organization’s account with more ease and control. Check out the course

July 2021

  • Dark mode: Use Dark Mode on web, desktop, and mobile to reduce the strain of device light and make it easier to focus on work. Enable dark mode in the Display tab in My settings.

  • Project notification defaults: Instead of adjusting your project notification settings one by one, now you can set notification defaults that apply to any project you’re invited to in the future. You can also update project settings for all projects you’re already a member of from the Notifications tab in My Settings. More about My Settings

  • Clockwise integration: Schedule focus time blocks for important tasks directly in your Google Calendar with the new Clockwise integration. Get the Clockwise integration

  • Portfolio messages: Now you can send messages to Portfolios just like you do to individuals, projects, or teams. Just add a Portfolio to the “to” field of the message. More about Messaging in Asana

  • Capture tasks from Android Quick Settings menu: Android users can enable a custom tile in their Android quick settings. Tapping the menu item launches Asana and shows the task creation view. Download Asana for Android

June 2021

  • Desktop app: Minimize distractions and maximize flow by keeping Asana’s desktop app open alongside your other favorite apps during the day. Download the app and try it out today.
  • Universal Reporting: Build dashboards that give you real-time visibility and actionable insights across all the projects and teams in your organization with Universal Reporting.
  • ServiceNow integration: Our new integration with ServiceNow lets IT and Ops teams automate their workflows for customer requests, approvals, and more across both tools. Read more about the ServiceNow integration.
  • Inverse actions for Rules: You’ll now see options for applying “inverse actions” to remove data from tasks using Rules (e.g. clear a due date, unassign a task, mark incomplete). Read more about inverse actions.
  • Message and Task drafts: If you’re working on a message or quick-add task, you’ll automatically get a pop-up of your drafts each time you log in or open a new instance of Asana in your browser.
  • Filter Goals by owner and status: Customize your Goals view by filtering by goal owner, goal status, or both at once. Learn more about Goals
  • Admin reset for two-factor authentication (2FA): From the Members tab of the Admin console, Admins can view if a user has enabled 2FA and reset or disable a user’s 2FA so they can regain access to their account. Learn more about the Admin console and Two-factor authentication

May 2021

  • Boards view on My Tasks: With this update, you’ll be able to view your My Tasks on a board, list, or calendar, customize sections and columns, and add rules to automate actions. This update will be rolling out over the next few months. Look for an in-product announcement in your My Tasks to start trying Boards View, creating customizable sections, and adding Rules. In the meantime, check out these four ways to organize your MyTasks.

  • New color options in Project Dashboards: Dashboard charts now include relevant colors from custom fields. You can also change the color scheme of your charts from the Edit Chart dialog.

  • Customize your email notifications: Fine tune your email notifications with new setting options. Choose to receive all activity updates, or turn off most updates while still receiving emails for new tasks assigned, direct messages, and new @mentions. Update your preferences in My Settings.

  • Goals reminders: Reminders help you keep your Goals up to date and ensure that stakeholders have an accurate picture of how they’re progressing. Built-in reminders will prompt you to add a progress metric, add updates, and close out a Goal one week before its due date.

April 2021

  • Zendesk integration: Easily create or link Asana tasks from within the Zendesk ticket view, to maintain a continuous link between a task and a ticket for cross-tool visibility. Explore Zendesk + Asana.

  • ISO 27001: Asana has achieved ISO 27001, an industry-standard certification of our Information Security practices. Learn more about security, trust, and privacy at Asana.

  • Deactivated user management: Remove and view deactivated members, reassign their tasks to someone else immediately, and restore deactivated accounts from the admin console.

  • Rule triggers based on due date: Set up rules that are triggered when a task is overdue or when a due date is approaching. Learn how to use Rules.

  • Comment links: Share a link to a specific task comment, instead of having to share the entire task. Click the drop-down carat next to the “like” button to copy the link to a comment.

  • Filter Goals by open/closed: Filter your team’s goals by open/closed to hide any past goals from view as you make new goals. Learn how to use Goals.

  • View Goals on Android: View, browse, and update the progress of Goals, or create and edit new Goals on Android.

March 2021

  • Introducing task templates: Now you can create task templates to standardize common tasks within a project. Add subtasks and relative due dates to make kicking off new work easier than ever.

  • Project Dashboard improvements: Add new charts and apply new filters and customization to the existing charts in your project Dashboards.

  • Create appreciations on iOS: Love appreciations? Now you can create and send them on iOS mobile.

  • Two-factor authentication (2FA): Activate two-factor authentication via My Settings.

  • Add Tags on AndroidAndroid users can now add a new tag from their mobile devices.

  • View projects in My Tasks on iOS: Get more context on tasks in your My Tasks by viewing each task’s projects field in your My Tasks list view on iOS.

February 2021

  • Introducing Project Overview: The new Project Overview tab gives your team one central location to set context, create shared norms, and publish project status updates.

  • Project Brief: Within Project Overview, you can add a Project Brief -- a multimedia document that serves as a detailed single source of truth about the what and why of the work.

  • MessagesMessages enable you to communicate within Asana with your colleagues and easily link to relevant work. You can send messages with any combination of individuals, teams, and projects. Messages replaces the former Conversations feature.

  • Nested Portfolios: Now you can add a Portfolio to a Portfolio, allowing you to monitor work across multiple levels of your team’s information hierarchy.

  • App Rules: Add app-related actions to your existing Rule triggers and actions (e.g. when a task is completed, send a message to a Slack channel). Find pre-set suggestions in the Rules Gallery or build your own. Get started with Rules

  • Goals Hierarchy: Expand and view up to 4 layers of Goals hierarchy from your organization or any team’s Goals page. Get started with Goals

January 2021

  • New Asana Basics course: Brush up on the basics of Asana with our new and improved Learn Asana Basics course in the Asana Academy.

  • Grid view on My Tasks: The new grid view on My Tasks keeps your task details organized so you can focus on what needs to be done. Learn how to use My Tasks to stay organized.

  • Goal history: View a history of changes to your team’s Goals in Asana. Learn all about Goals in Asana.

  • Team privacy settings control in Admin console: Admins can now change the default privacy settings of newly created teams (Public to Organization vs. Membership by Request) via the Admin console. Explore the Admin console

  • Dashboard improvements: Drill down to specific slices of data in dashboard charts just by clicking, and open dashboard charts in lightbox to see more data up close. Learn all about Dashboards

December 2020

  • Jira Server Integration: The Jira Server + Asana integration makes it easy to create connected workflows between your technical and business teams. Increase real-time visibility into your product development process, without creating extra work.

  • Zoom Integration: With the Zoom + Asana integration, you can easily create and link Zoom meetings in Asana tasks. Then, once the meeting is over, the Zoom + Asana integration pulls meeting transcripts and recordings into Asana.

  • Microsoft Teams Integration: Convert Teams conversations and meetings into Asana tasks with the new Microsoft Teams + Asana integration. Collaborate on Asana tasks and keep work connected—without having to leave Teams.

  • Bulk actions on boards: Click and drag to select multiple tasks at once in the Board view, then perform bulk actions directly on cards or via the bulk actions toolbar.

  • Project customization menu: Use the new “customize” menu in the project toolbar to access all project add-ons like Custom Fields, Rules, and Apps.

  • ”On Hold” option in Project and Portfolio status updates: In addition to “on track”, “at risk”, and “off track”, you can now set the status of a project or portfolio to “on hold”.

  • Push notifications control center: Use the new Push Notifications Control Center on iOS or Android to select which push notifications you’d like to receive.

  • Tab+V shortcut: Bring a little extra delight to your day with the new Tab+V keyboard shortcut (hint: if you love Tab+B, you might want to try out Tab+V)

November 2020

  • Unread filter in Inbox: Use the new “unread” filter in your Inbox to easily focus only on notifications you haven’t reviewed yet. Check out these 5 tips to manage your Inbox.

  • Link multiple form responses to task titles: Link multiple response fields to a form submission title, enabling you to more easily triage responses. Learn about form settings.

  • Asana widgets for iOS: Use the new Asana iOS widgets to view your daily tasks and capture new tasks from the orange quick-add button with a single tap. Learn about iOS widgets.

  • Create follow-up tasks from Android Inbox: Quickly create follow-up tasks from Inbox on Android. Download the Android app

October 2020

  • Introducing Dashboards: Use project Dashboards to see charts and graphs that help you quickly understand progress and identify blockers. Learn all about Dashboards.

  • Updates to Sections on Timeline: You can now add, rename, delete, rearrange, or collapse sections on Timeline. Learn more about planning and executing projects with Timeline.

  • Create follow-up tasks from iOS inbox: Quickly create follow-up tasks from Inbox on iOS.

  • Boards Improvements: View card details while maintaining visibility of your board, take actions directly on cards, and access options from the “more actions” menu. Watch our new video about boards.

  • Edit Goal progress metric: Edit a goal’s progress metric after setting it, including changing the metric type (ex. % to $), the initial value, and the target value. Learn how

  • Updates to user management for Admins: Organization Admins can now edit members’ profile information and edit the teams a member belongs to. Learn more about the Admin Console.

  • Markdown syntax shortcuts: Asana’s text editor now supports common markdown shortcuts for supported styles. Check out the community forum announcement for details.

September 2020

  • Charts in status updates: Add charts to your project and Portfolio status updates, bringing them to life with clear visuals. Learn how.

  • Forms facelift: We released three updates to Forms this month. Learn more about Forms.

    • A date field in a Form can now map to the due date field of the resulting task.
    • Add a custom header to personalize the appearance of your Forms to submitters.
    • Add branching logic to your Forms to ensure people only answer relevant questions, while making sure you get all the information you need to kick off work.
  • Subtasks on boards: Now you can expand and take actions on Subtasks directly from the main Board View, in the same way you can from List View.

  • Custom Fields in iOS: Add and view Custom Fields in your list view projects on mobile with iOS.

August 2020

  • Goals: With Goals in Asana, your team now has a single source of truth for your shared objectives that's connected to the work to achieve them. Learn all about this exciting new feature in our short video.

  • Inbox Updates: Updates to your Inbox make it easier to quickly scan notifications and identify what’s most important. Watch this short video and learn how to use your Inbox to stay up to date and move work forward, all in one place.

  • Portfolio Status: Similar to projects, you can now add status updates to Portfolios. Look for the “progress” tab and publish portfolio status updates to keep members up to date on progress.

  • Salesforce integration updates: Create seamless hand-offs between teams by automatically creating & scheduling Asana tasks and projects at the right moment using Salesforce's process builder. Check out our Salesforce Integration.

  • E-mail confirmation for forms: Form submissions will now generate a confirmation email to the submitter with a copy of their submission (if email is an included form field). Learn more about forms.

July 2020

  • Microsoft Teams Integration: With the Asana for Microsoft Teams integration, you can add Asana projects to your group chats and start turning conversations into actionable work all in one place. Start using the integration

  • Right click menu: The right click menu allows you to take common actions on tasks from any project view, saving you time and keeping you in flow.

  • Appreciations: Adding appreciations to comments helps your team you connect, celebrate wins, and bring a little extra joy to your workday.

  • Forms duplicate with projects: When duplicating a project, you now have the option to include the project’s associated form. Submissions to the new form will land in the duplicated project.

  • Editable status updates: Just like conversations and task comments, you can now edit status updates after publishing.

  • Grouped comments: Task comments may now include a block of text and one or more attachments grouped together. Learn how

June 2020

  • New project status builder: The new project status builder makes it easy to create rich, repeatable, actionable status updates and share your work with key stakeholders. Drag and drop Highlights such as completed milestones or overdue tasks into your status update to help tell your story. Learn more about project status updates

  • Multiple divisional admins: Divisions may now have more than one admin, and division admins no longer need to be a member of every team. Learn more about the admin console here.

May 2020

  • Non-rule owners can enable/disable rules: Anyone with edit access to a project in which a rule is running will now be able to enable or disable a rule created by someone else. Learn more about rules.

  • Rule triggers and actions for empty custom fields: You can now create a rule trigger based on an empty custom field, or create a rule where the action is to clear a custom field.

  • Android visual refresh: We gave our Android app a visual refresh and improved navigation so you can easily find the information you need, even when you’re away from your desk.

  • Premium and business plans for small teams: Small teams who want to take advantage of Asana's powerful Premium and Business features can now purchase plans with 2, 3, or 4 seats. Learn more about features and plans

  • Link previews: Following the release of custom hyperlinks last month, you’ll now see a rich preview of external content when hovering over a hyperlink in the text editor.

April 2020

  • PDF proofing on web and mobile: Proofing in Asana is now available for PDF files in addition to image files.

  • Custom hyperlinks: Customize the title of hyperlinks in conversations, status updates, task descriptions, and comments. Learn how

  • Do not disturb: Use the "do not disturb" feature to pause notifications for designated blocks of time.

  • Sorting within sections: When you sort tasks by a custom field value, they’ll be sorted within their current section. You can toggle this setting on or off at the bottom of the "sort" drop-down menu.

  • Project personalization: Customize your projects with 33 new project icons. Click on the project image in the upper lefthand corner to see icon options.

  • Shareable invite links: Quickly invite additional people to your team or project using shareable links. Learn how

  • Power BI integration: Build custom, actionable dashboards based on Asana inputs like Custom Fields to get real-time insights into projects and workflows with the new Power BI integration. Learn more

  • Dark mode in iOS: This update adds support for iOS system dark mode. Enable dark mode in your system settings

  • Attachment approvals: Quickly create approvals for attachments by clicking on the attachment drop-down menu and selecting "request approval.” An approval subtask will automatically be added to the parent task.

  • Updated advanced search view: Advanced search results are now displayed in a grid-like format to match the new project list view and give you better visibility of the projects, tags, and custom fields in your search.

March 2020

  • Asana for Operations and Asana for Sales and Account Management: We're excited to announce the rollout of new features and integrations to help Asana Business and Enterprise customers in operationssales, and account management drive greater clarity and productivity. Read more about these new solutions in our blog post.

  • Jira Cloud integration: With the new Jira Cloud integration, you can quickly create Jira issues in Asana so that work passes seamlessly between business and technical teams at the right time. Learn more here.

  • Milestones on Portfolio timeline: View project milestones in the timeline view within a Portfolio. Learn more.

  • Browser notifications: Enable browser notifications to get notified about activity in Asana. Learn how to set them up in the Asana Guide.

February 2020

  • Introducing Approvals: Approvals are a new task type that help streamline review cycles between requesters and approvers. Learn more here

  • New Rule combinations: You can now add trigger combinations (when X and/or Y happens), multiple actions (do A, B, and C), and more customization to rules. Learn how

  • Subtask visibility in List view: You can now collapse and expand subtasks in list view, enabling you to set assignees, due dates, and custom field values from the main Project view.

  • Currency and percent custom fields: We've added currency and percent label options to our existing number custom fields, as well as a new "average" column function option in list view.

  • Improvements to multi-select: We've improved the multi-select experience with a streamlined menu and additional action options. If you're not using multi-select yet, it's a great time-saver! Learn more here

  • Resizable columns: Now you can drag to resize columns in the list view, giving you more control over the visibility of your task names and custom field data.

  • Reorder tasks offline with iOS: Tasks may now be reordered in MyTasks and projects with Asana iOS when a device is offline.

January 2020

  • Native Salesforce integration: This integration allows teams working in Salesforce to collaborate seamlessly with teams working in Asana. Learn more here.

  • Tableau integration: With this integration, you can sync Asana task data to Tableau and build powerful reports on your team's work. Learn more here.

  • Auto-shifting dependency dates: If you change the due date of a parent task that results in a conflict with dependent tasks, the due date of the dependent task(s) will now automatically update. Learn more here.

  • Portfolio search and privacy: Portfolios will now appear in search bar results, and you can use Advanced Search to search for information within a portfolio. You can also @mention a portfolio in a task description or comment. As a portfolio owner, you can now make your portfolio public or private. Learn all about portfolios here.

  • Request access: When landing on a project, task, conversation, or portfolio you don't have access to, you'll now be able to "request access," which creates a private task for the owner.

  • Help Your Team Adopt Asana webinar: Drawing on proven change management techniques, this webinar will help you effectively roll out Asana to your team, ensuring long-term success and adoption. Register for an upcoming session here.

December 2019

  • Editable conversationsConversations can now be edited, similar to editing comments on tasks or conversations.

  • Tab+P shortcut adds tasks to a new project: The Tab+P shortcut will now always prompt you to add your task to an additional project (vs. replacing an existing project).

  • Type-ahead ranking improvements: We've adjusted our type-ahead logic to improve the relevancy of results when you search for items in Asana.

November 2019

  • Updated project List View: The new project List View combines a grid-like structure with the collaboration features you need to easily create, view, and keep work moving forward—all in one place. Read more about the new List View.

  • New CSV Importer: Our new and improved CSV importer automatically maps spreadsheet columns to fields in Asana so you can save time and get started on your work in a few simple steps. Learn how to get your team's work into Asana faster.

  • Introducing Rules: Premium, Business, and Enterprise customers can now add Rules to their projects to automate common steps in processes and workflows. Learn how to save time with Rules.

  • Forms now available to Premium customers: Forms are now available for Premium customers, in addition to Business and Enterprise customers. Learn how to streamline processes with Forms.

  • Inbox Filters: Focus on the work that's most relevant to you by adding inbox filters for @mentions, projects you follow, and more. Learn how to manage Inbox notifications using Filters.

  • Portfolio Timeline: We've added a Timeline to Portfolios so you can visually see all the projects in your portfolio in one place and get a birds eye view of project statuses and key dates. Learn how to access the Portfolio Timeline.

  • Increased subtask visibility: You can now see the number of subtasks within a task—without clicking on it—from List, Board, Calendar, Workload, or Timeline View.

  • Auto-saved view in My Tasks: My Tasks will now automatically save your sort, filter, and view preferences.

  • Timeline improvements: We added a complete/incomplete task filter in Timeline, and moved the unscheduled tasks panel to the righthand side, to be more in-line with Workload's unscheduled tasks layout and improve usability.

  • Delete sections improvements: Sections can now be deleted even if they still contain (complete or incomplete) tasks.

  • iOS refresh: We gave our iOS app a visual refresh and improved navigation so you can easily find the information you need, even when you’re away from your desk.

October 2019

  • Free version of Asana templates: Asana templates are now available to everyone, regardless of plan type. Check out our template gallery and find one that works for you.

  • Voice recognition for iOS: Quickly create tasks and attach recordings with voice input on iOS. Create a task and then select the microphone icon, or simply press and hold the orange task creation button to begin recording. Please note that transcription will be limited to the language configured on the iOS device and may not be available in all languages. Download the mobile app and try it today.

  • Updated @mention notifications for task descriptions and comments: When you need to boost the signal of a comment or task, you have the option to mention another user. This update makes @mentions more prominent in Asana and email UI.

  • Redesigned update emails: We've redesigned our task update emails to be clearly actionable, and our batch update emails so they're easier to digest.

  • Dedicated CSM in the Admin Console: Admins of qualified accounts will now find their dedicated customer success manager's information in the Admin Console. Learn more about our Customer Success offerings.

  • New Asana Together Workshops: We launched two new Asana Together workshops this month: "Go Pro with Asana Business" and "Onboard your Team to Asana". Check out our upcoming events and find workshops in your area.

September 2019

  • Workload with effort and capacity: With Workload, you gain visibility into work happening across projects in a single view and can easily reassign or reschedule tasks as business needs change. With effort, you can set a weight to your tasks—such as hours or points—based on any numerical custom field in Asana to better understand exactly how much work everyone has on their plates. To make sure that no one on your team is overworked, you can also set capacity limits for individual team members. When the work assigned to them exceeds capacity for a given week, you’ll see a red line in Workload that lets you know they have too much to do. Learn More

  • Additional filtering in the Admin Console: This update provides an easy view of guests, admins, and pending invites — so your admins can better manage their org’s members.

  • Remove seats directly from the Admin Console: If you are on a Premium or Business plan (and not on manual invoice), you can now remove seats directly from the admin console.

  • Asana Academy courses: This month, we released two new Academy courses geared towards marketing and creative professionals. You can learn to organize and simplify the management of your next campaign in Asana or learn how Asana can simplify and streamline your creative production process. Find them here: Asana Academy Course: Plan and Manage a Marketing Campaign and Asana Academy Course: Creative Process and Production

August 2019

  • Improved your path to purchase: You can now buy a Premium or Business plan immediately on signup on

  • Updated Custom Fields: We updated custom fields! You can now create a field for tracking in a single project, or add to/choose from fields in your organization's library so anyone can use it.

  • New header and toolbar: To make it easier to find your filter, sort, and fields menus across your project views, we’ve updated the page headers and added a new toolbar.

  • Learn Asana in your own language: Now learn Asana basics in Spanish, Portuguese, German, French and Japanese on Asana Academy. Learn Asana In Your Language.

July 2019

  • Workload: With the launch of Workload, you now have a centralized view of your team’s capacity, making it easier to plan and rebalance work so that no one is overworked (or underworked).

  • Organization Admin Console: To better manage your Asana account, you can now use the new Organization Admin console to get insights on team activity, adjust security, change billing info, and more.

  • Improved Search: With updates to our search, we were able to reduce the load on search infrastructure — basically, making search faster for you!

  • More Help for New Users in Asana: Our project structure tour (the guidance you receive in Asana when first setting up a project) now gives you real-time feedback, so you can better understand how to use Asana the moment you start in it.

  • Introducing new Asana Academy courses! Learn how Asana solves some of the top problems facing marketers with our new Asana Academy Course, Introduction to Asana for Marketing.

June 2019

  • New Add Section Button at the Bottom of List View: To quickly create a section, you can use the new +Section button at the bottom of your List. The new section will always be added to the end of your List view.

  • Autoshifting Due Dates on Custom Templates: With this update, you can easily streamline repeated processes and workback schedules with custom templates in Asana. Due dates will automatically adjust based on the start or end date you select so that you can save steps in your project planning process! Learn how.

  • Search in Product for Guide Content: To help quickly understand how to use Asana, you can now search for guide resources in your Asana search bar (example: “What’s a Milestone?”).

May 2019

  • Timeline by Column: Columns now appear on your Timeline. We previously launched sections on timeline, and now your Boards projects will also show columns on your timeline.

  • Portfolio Membership: You can now share portfolios by adding teammates to keep them updated on the progress. Learn how.

  • Milestones in Advanced Search: With this update, you can filter for milestones in your advanced search.

  • New Add Sections Hotkey: To quickly create a section on List View, use the Tab+N shortcut, Learn how.

  • Privacy Indicator during Task Creation on Mobile: When you create a task on the mobile app, we show privacy indicators to help you know if you’re creating a private task in My Tasks or a public task in a project.

April 2019

  • Asana is now available in Japanese: We’re excited to continue making Asana easier to use for teams all over the world. We’ve now rolled out the entire Asana experience in Japanese. Learn how.

  • Edit your comments in conversations: With this update, you can edit your comments on conversations, similar to editing comments on a task!

  • Preview Updates from a Portfolio: When viewing projects from a Portfolio, you can now preview status updates so it’s easy to know what projects are on track.

March 2019

  • Milestones: We’ve added a new task type in Asana. Now any task that’s being tracked in a project can be marked as a milestone to help visually organize large and complex projects. Learn how.

  • Portfolio Progress View: As a part of Milestones, we’ve updated your Portfolio Progress View! You can now toggle between Progress percentage and Milestones to visualize the status of projects in your Portfolio.

  • Forms: With forms, it’s now even easier to kick off work in Asana. You can add a form to a project to capture both the work request and all the information you need (including custom fields). Forms can be shared with anyone, even an external partner not in Asana, and each submitted form will get added to your project as a new task that’s automatically assigned to the project owner — ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.

  • Proofing: To help get stakeholder feedback faster, we’ve created Proofing in Asana. When you open an image file from a task on desktop or mobile, you’ll see an option to add feedback, which lets you click on a specific area and leave feedback about that part of the image. Your feedback will be added as a subtask and assigned to whoever uploaded the image.

  • Custom Field Notifications: You can now toggle an on/off notification for custom fields. If a custom field has the notification toggled on and the value of the field is changed on a task, then all followers of the task will receive an Asana inbox + email (if email is on) notification.

  • Approvals: With the addition of custom field notifications, we’ve also added Approvals workflows to Asana. Not knowing whether something is approved or not can lead to delays and frustrations — avoid this by tracking each stage of your process, adding our “Approval stage” custom field to your project, and turning on notifications for it. Whenever a task moves to a new stage, you’ll get a notification so everyone involved stays on the same page!

  • Adobe Creative Cloud Integration: We’ve partnered with Adobe to launch the Asana for Adobe Creative Cloud integration. If you’re working in Adobe Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, or InDesign CC, you can see new tasks, share design files, and incorporate feedback delivered in Asana without switching between the tools.

  • Litmus Integration: Our new Litmus integration helps you better manage your email creation and testing workflows. By syncing your Litmus Checklist to Asana, you won’t miss any broken links or images before hitting send on your next email newsletter.

Learn more about all the above here.

February 2019

  • Two Column Progress Tab in Portfolios: We’ve added another column to support your Portfolio Progress View, so you can see even more project-level information at a quick glance—including custom fields, activity, and status updates.

  • Automatically Delete Empty Tasks: To help prevent the accidental creation of multiple empty tasks, tasks without any content now automatically delete when you click into another task, another page, or when you paste copy that has line breaks.

  • Team Calendar Project Limit Increase: We’ve updated our calendar feature to support teams with more than 200 projects!

  • In-Product Templates and Template Gallery: To help kick off your projects, we’ve created a library of project templates on and in Asana. To find templates in-product, click the orange + button in the upper-right corner of your screen, choose the project option, and select the team category most relevant to you to view template options.

  • Sorting and Filtering Capabilities on Boards: We’ve added the capability to sort (view tasks in a certain order) and filter (view a certain subset of tasks) on Asana boards to help you manage complex workflows and view the work that matters most to you.

January 2019

  • Portfolios: Export to CSV: If you’re a Portfolio Lead who does not use Google Sheets, you can now export your Portfolio data! This CSV also includes the custom fields on projects that are set in the Portfolio view.

  • Favoriting Portfolios: When you favorite Portfolios, they will now show up on Home, Portfolios Home, and in the Sidebar for easy access.

  • Tasks Due Soon on Homepage: We added a section of “Tasks Due Soon” to the top of your Homepage to help you easily find high priority work.

  • Timeline Sort by Assignee: You can now group tasks by assignee on Timeline so it’s easy to reassign work and keep projects on track.

December 2018

  • Portfolios: You can now organize projects by initiative, monitor their status in real time, and report on progress in both the web and mobile app with Portfolios. From this high-level overview, you’ll be able to spot risks and drill in for more details, so you can keep your team updated and mitigate risks before they derail projects. Learn more

  • Calendar 2.0: Based on your feedback, we updated Calendar to be it faster and more customizable.

  • Filter Advanced Search reports by start dates: You can now generate Advanced Search reports by start dates in addition to other project and task criteria.

  • Clarified Quick Add button: The Quick Add button in the header now says “New” so it’s now easier to discover how to create new tasks and projects.

  • Contextualized Quick Add button icons on iOS: The Quick Add + icon in the bottom right corner of the iOS app is now contextual based on where you are in Asana. For example, if you’re in the Projects tab, you’ll see an Add Project icon.

November 2018

  • Updated inline task creation for iOS: You can now set custom field values when you create a task inline in our iOS app. With less steps to create a task, you’ll have more time to get work done!

  • Add / Create / Remove teams from a division: As an admin, you can now add and remove teams from your division right within Asana so it’s easier to manage members.

  • Asana for Outlook: You can now turn your emails in Outlook into actionable, trackable tasks in Asana without leaving your inbox. Learn how

  • Homepage and team pages: It’s now easier to access the projects you care about and stay up to date with your team members from the moment you land in Asana with your new Homepage and improved team pages. Learn more

October 2018

  • Lock custom fields: You can now control who can edit custom field values across all your projects, so information is being tracked consistently, available in Enterprise.

  • Updated navigation on Android: The navigation menu has moved from the right to the left side of our Android app to be consistent with system standards. Plus, we’ve made it easier to find features like sort view/view switching.

  • Updated Quick Add on iOS: It’s now easier to add work into Asana in our iOS app through OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology. You can convert photos of handwritten or printed text, such as whiteboard or post-it notes, into a text format that is editable and searchable in Asana.

  • Changed “Copy” to “Duplicate”: Actions that use the term “copy” have been replaced with “duplicate” to avoid any misinterpretation or confusion between you and your team.

  • Member count on billing page: You can now view how many members your Organization has directly from the billing page, so you can select the plan that is best for you.

September 2018

  • Drag multiple tasks on Boards view: Press Command/Control key and select multiple tasks on your board to drag them across columns.

  • Timeline task names: Task names now follow you as you scroll horizontally in Timeline, so it’s clear what tasks you are looking at as you navigate.

  • Blocked task indicator: Tasks that are dependent on another task will now show a visual indicator in your projects and My Tasks so you can quickly see what can get started and what’s blocked.

  • Advanced search by Board column: Use advanced search to find tasks in specific columns of your Boards projects.

  • Improvements to CSV importer: You can now add custom fields and subtasks from the CSV importer, so you can quickly set up your project with all the information you need. Learn more.

  • Start dates on recurring tasks: Start dates now get automatically generated on recurring tasks if the original task specified a start date.

  • Comment-only version of Project Member Dialog: If you are comment only on a project, you will now see a project member’s dialog that shows who has edit access to the project and gives you the abilitiy to adjust your notification preferences.

  • Notification center copy changes: We've made it easier to find and understand your notification settings, so you can customize how you receive information in Asana.

  • Photo markup on iOS: With markup you can draw, doodle, or place text on any photo before you add it to Asana. Try the Asana iOS app.

  • Rich text support on iOS: Quickly create bulleted and numbered lists with indentations from within the mobile app.

  • Improved task edit on iOS: Tap to edit different sections of the task details to streamline how you update tasks.

August 2018

  • Clarified Product Navigation: To help you manage your work in Asana, we’ve made some layout and user interface (UI) changes. You can now access My Tasks, Inbox, and Dashboards from the sidebar, and the top bar has been simplified so the project header is easier to navigate. Also, the search bar and Quick Add + button are now in the right side of the top bar next to the Help menu. Learn more.

  • Typeahead style update: When you use search, add tasks to multiple projects or add followers, the results are shown in a cleaner, compact style so it’s easier to find the information you need.

  • Add followers from Quick add: You can now add followers to a task when you use the Quick Add + button to create a task in Asana.

  • Indent bulleted and numbered lists in rich text: It's now easier to format your bulleted and numbered lists with the indent rich text menu option so you can highlight important information and add structure to your task descriptions and comments.

  • Restrict Guest Invites: Enterprise Admins can now set a policy for who is allowed to invite external guests into their Organization. They can set the policy to only admins, admins and members, or anyone.

  • Access PDF of last invoice: Admins can now access their more recent invoice in the Billing tab of their settings menu.

  • New icons: You might’ve noticed some new icons in Asana—they’re now more visually consistent across the app.

  • Updated celebration characters: Our celebration characters are updated! To see them, go complete a task. Learn how to turn on the celebrations.

  • Task edit on iOS: We've updated the task design in the iOS app, making it easier to update tasks—so you can spend less time editing, and more time completing them.

  • Inline task shortcuts on Android: We've updated inline task creation to include assignee, due date, and attachment shortcuts. It’s also now possible to expand the inline task creation view to add a description and subtasks. This is already available on iOS.

  • Updated comment composer for iOS and Android: It's now even easier to comment on work when you’re on the go with our updated comment composer on mobile. We've added hotkeys to comments so you can quickly tag teammates, take photos, or upload existing images from your mobile device directly into Asana.

  • Search in the API: Our API team built an endpoint that mirrors the functionality of Advanced Search in the web app. Learn more.

  • Support for PayPal: You can now pay for Asana Premium and Enterprise with PayPal. Just select this payment option on the billing page.

July 2018

  • Links in custom fields: You can now track links in custom fields (make sure they’re text fields). When you click the icon in the field, the webpage will open in a new window. Learn more.

  • Approvals: It’s now easier than ever to track the status of tasks. With recent upgrades to custom fields and Asana-created project templates, you can manage your approval process in Asana. Learn more.

  • Full screen view for attachments: Now when you select an attachment from a task, the image will appear in a full screen view. Quickly rotate through multiple images without opening a new tab or leaving Asana.

  • New keyboard shortcuts: New keyboard shortcuts are available to save you time navigating to Inbox and My Tasks. Click "tab + I" to go to Inbox and "tab + Z" to go to My Task. Learn more.

  • Copy multiple task URLs: The task pane has a link icon in the header to copy the task's URL. Now this same button is available in the multi-task pane when more than one task is selected, so you can copy multiple task URLs at once to share with teammates.

  • Task pane changes: It’s now easier to complete tasks and take important actions like attaching files and creating subtasks in the redesigned task pane. Learn more.

  • Admin control over integrations: Admins within Asana Enterprise now have the ability to block and whitelist third-party integrations at the Organization level, so you have more control over your organization’s usage of Asana. Learn more.

  • Removed mobile indication for mobile comments: The mobile icon has been removed from comments posted from the Asana mobile app. This ensures you can work from your mobile device without your communication in Asana feeling (or looking) any different than it would in the web app. This was previously available on iOS and the web app, and is now Android as well!

  • Inline task creation on iOS: Inline task creation on iOS now includes assignee, due date, and attachment shortcuts so you don’t have to edit the task to add this information. And you can now expand the inline task creation view to add a description and subtasks. This will also be available in Android soon. Learn more.

  • Edit comments on Android: With this update, you can now edit your comments after they’re posted in our Android app, just like in the web and iOS apps.

  • Reordering subtasks in the API: You can now reorder subtasks directly in the API. Learn more.

  • Editable stories in the API: You can now edit comments directly through the API, just like in our web and mobile apps. Learn more.

June 2018

  • New Asana for Slack integration: With this new version of the integration, your team can get Asana updates in Slack, take action on those updates, and even turn Slack messages into Asana tasks or comments—without leaving Slack. Learn more.

  • Drawing dependencies on Timeline: Planning your projects in Timeline just got even easier. Now you can draw dependencies between tasks directly on Timeline. Simply hover over any task and select the connector to draw dependencies between tasks. Learn more.

  • Project start dates: You can now add project start dates in the Progress tab so your team knows when your project began. Learn more.

  • Emojis in custom fields and task and project names: We know you ❤️ emoji’s, and now you can use them everywhere in Asana. Use your favorite emoji to differentiate task or project names and add them to custom fields.

  • Relative date display: Timestamps in task comments are now displayed as an approximate age, rather than a date and time so it’s easier to quickly identify how long ago a comment was posted. Miss the details? Just hover over any timestamp to see the full date and time.

  • Personal pronouns in My Settings and your profile card: Sometimes your name and role aren’t enough for others to refer to you—pronouns are an important part of that equation. To help ensure your teammates are addressing you how you’d like to be addressed, we’ve add a pronouns field to your profile. To specify your pronouns, go to My Settings and enter your pronouns. They will appear in your profile card. We hope this small, but important update, will lead to more effective communication overall in Asana, and help build a more inclusive workplace. Learn more.

  • No mobile indication for mobile comments: With this update, there is no longer a mobile icon alongside comments that are posted from the Asana mobile app. This ensures you can work from anywhere on your phone or mobile device, without your communication in Asana feeling (or looking) any different than it would in the web app. This is now available in iOS and the web app, with Android coming soon!

  • Status updates require color: When you set a status update for a project, you now must specify a color of green (on track), yellow (progressing but some risks), or red (at risk and needs attention) so your team knows how your project is progressing. Learn more.

  • Divisional Admin Console for Enterprise: Divisional Admins now have access to a dedicated Admin Console where they can manage members, view their teams, and see their plan. This is only available to Divisional billing owners and is a part of their Premium Division.

  • Actionable messages in Outlook: You can now take action on Asana email notifications right from Outlooks. These actions include: view in Asana, set due date, add a comment, and mark complete. Learn more.

  • Edit comments on iOS: With this update, you can now edit comments in our iOS app, just like in the web app. Android is coming soon!

  • A faster Asana on mobile for international customers: If you use a non-English version of the Asana mobile app, your mobile experience is now faster because you’re now using a new API.

  • Team Drive now available from the Google Drive integration: The Google Drive integration allows you to easily add files to tasks, and now the integration includes Team Drive in addition to your personal drive. Learn more.

May 2018

  • Rich text formatting: It’s now easier to format your text, add emojis, create lists, and link to other work in Asana with a new rich text formatting menu. The menu will appear at the bottom of all task descriptions and comments. Learn more.

  • Two-year zoom on Timeline: For longer projects, you can now zoom out on Timeline to a two-year view of your plan.

  • Create a task with Quick Add: Now when you use Quick Add to create a task, the dialog box will appear in the bottom right of your screen so you can reference other information in Asana while creating the task and work on multiple task drafts at once. You can also minimize drafts while you do other work so it’s easy to come back to them when you’re ready to finish them up.

  • Attach multiple files on iOS: You can now select and upload multiple attachments to your tasks and conversations at once from your iOS device. Hang tight Android users, this feature will be available to you soon.

  • Improved Chrome Extension: We’ve upgraded our Chrome Extension so you can add tasks to Asana from any website. Download the extension to start creating in Asana from any webpage.

  • Custom fields in the API: Developers can now see, add, remove, or modify custom fields in our API.

April 2018

  • Timeline: With Timeline, you get a beautiful living view of how all the pieces of your projects fit together, so you can start off on the right foot and hit your deadlines. See how Timeline fits into our product vision.

  • Edit comments in tasks: You can now edit comments in tasks after you post them so you can fix those pesky typos. To edit a comment, click the drop down arrow next to it, and select Edit Comment.

  • Jumbomojis: Now when you write a comment containing only emojis, they’ll show up "jumbo" size if there’s three or less.

  • Improved security for emails forwarded to Asana: We’ve strengthened the sender authentication requirements for adding tasks, comments, and conversations to Asana via email, so it’s now more difficult to take unauthorized actions as another user in Asana.

  • Team guests counts toward member limit: When you add a guest to your team, they will now be a "Limited Access Member" that counts towards your team member limit.

  • Batch API: To make it easier to develop on our API, you can now perform multiple “actions” in a single HTTP request. Learn more about building on our API.

  • Task dependencies in the API: Developers can now add, remove, and see task dependencies in our API.

March 2018

  • Spanish and Portuguese: ¡Hola! Olá! Asana is now available in Spanish and Portuguese. The full Asana app and website, including the Guide, are fully translated. To change your language in Asana, go to My Settings and select Display. Learn more.

  • Paste images from clipboard: When you need to share an image with your team, you can now simply copy and paste it into a comment and your image will be attached. A link to the image will also be added as a comment in the task, conversation, or status update. Less steps means time saved! Available for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari at this time.

  • Tasks keep link to other projects in custom templates: A small but important update has been made to custom templates. Now tasks also stay linked to the other projects they live in when you create a new project from a template.

  • Lock icon on private projects: A lock icon now appears next to the project name if the project is private. Learn more about private projects.

  • Prioritize tasks in iOS: You can now mark tasks assigned to you for Today, Upcoming, or Later, directly from your iOS device so you can prioritize work when you’re on the go.

  • Improved views in iOS: You can now sort tasks in projects by custom fields in addition to assignee, due date, likes, and alphabetical. And when you save a view in the web app, that view will also appear in the mobile app.

  • New task list in iOS: The task list in our iOS app is new and improved, so it’s easier to visualize your work and quickly take the actions you need.

  • Tasks in 20 projects: To help ensure your Asana experience remains fast, now you’ll be able to add tasks to a maximum of 20 projects. Existing tasks that are in more than 20 projects will not be affected, but you won’t be able to add them to more.

February 2018

  • Custom fields on boards: Custom fields now appear on task previews in your boards projects so important information is front and center—such as status, priority, cost, or channel. Quickly scan your project so you can see where work stands, find what needs your attention, and make sure nothing falls through the cracks. Custom fields are available for Asana Premium. Learn more.

  • Comment-only boards projects: We recently released comment-only projects and now you can change your project access on boards, too. Create comment-only projects for work you want to share with a lot of people but only a few need to contribute to, such as company goals, your product roadmap, or launch plans. This way, your teammates will have the information they need to do their jobs, and you can safeguard against unwanted edits or accidental changes. Comment-only projects are available for Asana Premium. Learn more.

  • CSV importer: Import your spreadsheets right into an Asana project so you can begin managing your projects in a collaborative, flexible tool with just a few clicks. If you use Excel, Google Sheets, Smartsheet, or want to move Trello projects into Asana, these spreadsheets can easily be converted to a CSV file, and then imported. Learn more.

  • Reports: All customers will now see a Reports section in their left sidebar with search results such as tasks I’ve created. In addition, Asana Premium customers will see new and existing custom saved searches under this section. Learn more.

  • Disable Inbox notifications for today’s tasks: Stop receiving notifications in your Asana Inbox for tasks starting or due today with this new hack, so you can more quickly scan your Inbox. Go to My Settings and select Hacks to disable these notifications. Please note, hacks are experimental features that we’ve been tinkering with. They’re not supported features and may change, break, or disappear at any time.

  • New button styles: We’ve made some visual updates to our buttons so they’re easier to use.

  • New date picker on mobile: Quickly set a start or due date in our mobile app with the newly designed date picker. Start dates are available for Asana Premium. Get Asana for iOS or Asana for Android.

  • Share to Asana for Android: Now you can easily add work to Asana with the Share to Asana option for Android. When you’re in another app, tap the Share menu to create a task in Asana. Learn more about Asana for Android.

  • Status updates for iOS: Share an update on the status of your project with your team so everyone’s in the loop right from your iPhone or iPad. Learn more about Asana for iOS.

January 2018

  • New Employee Onboarding template: When new employees join your team, use this Asana-created template to ensure they have a smooth start. Track required paperwork and to-dos, and give new employees all the information they need to be successful in tasks. To use the template, navigate to the Templates tab in the new project screen, and then click Use Template next to New Employee Onboarding.

  • Mobile link improvements: When you tap an Asana link from your email or Slack message on your mobile device, you will now be taken directly to where you want to go in Asana so you can get to work faster.

  • Sort tasks on Android: You can now mark tasks for Today, Later, or Upcoming in your My Tasks on Android.

December 2017

  • Comment-only projects: With comment-only projects, you can share more work with more teammates, and feel confident that information will stay accurate—with no accidental changes or edits. If you’re using Asana Premium or Enterprise, you can start creating comment-only projects today. Learn more.

  • Siri integration: Asana and Siri now work together on your iOS app to ensure you can easily add your to-dos, reminders, and work to Asana from anywhere. Whether you’re between meetings, out for coffee, have one last idea before bed, or simply don’t want to type—Asana and Siri keep good ideas moving forward. Learn more.

  • Asana is now available in French and German: We’re excited to make Asana easier to use for teams all over the world. We rolled out the entire Asana experience in French and German, and Spanish and Portuguese will be coming early next year. Learn more.

  • Performance improvements: In August we announced Asana is 2x faster. Since then, we’ve been working on even more speed improvements. Now projects and My tasks sort faster in all possible views, and pages load faster so you can access your work more quickly.

  • Updated Team Overview: When you select Team Conversations from the sidebar, you’ll be taken to a revamped Team Overview page where you can easily add project templates for your team.

  • Simplified project header: We simplified the project header so it’s easier to find the action you need to take.

November 2017

  • Start dates: Not all tasks are created equal—and some pieces of work simply take more time. Knowing when to start is just as important as knowing when work is due, and now you can add start dates to tasks if you’re using Asana Premium. Start dates help you allocate enough time for work, so you can hit deadlines stress free. Learn more.

  • Gmail Contextual Add-On: Asana for Gmail is now available in the G Suite Marketplace. With this integration, you can turn your emails with clients, customers, and teammates into actionable tasks in Asana—without leaving your inbox. Learn more about connecting Gmail and Asana.

  • Mobile calendar: Based on your feedback that Calendar View is important for working on the go, we’re excited to announce calendar is now available on your iOS (including iPad!) and Android devices.

  • New in-product illustrations: We’ve given some of our in-product illustrations some TLC, so it’s easier to understand what’s happening in the product.

  • New filter icon: When viewing a project, you will notice a new icon in the top right corner of the main pane. Instead of a gear, you will now see a filter icon that allows you to change the project view and update custom fields.

October 2017

  • Wufoo Forms Integration: Streamline information gathering and follow up by connecting your Wufoo forms to Asana. Form responses will become tasks in the Asana project you specify. Learn more

  • New iPad app: Asana is now optimized for iPad. With split screen functionality (like in our web app), it’s easier to quickly scan tasks, check in on your team’s progress, and chime in with comments or attach relevant files to keep your work moving forward. Learn more

  • Convert Workspace to an Organization: If you’re currently in a Workspace and wish convert to an Organization, you can now do this right in the Asana app. Learn more

  • Asana for iOS 11: With the release of iOS 11, we made some major improvements to the Asana iOS mobile app. You can now create and view user profiles, import files, and use Apple’s VoiceOver functionality. Learn more

September 2017

  • Quick replies in tasks: Let task creators know you saw the task and you are working on it. You’ll see the option to add quick replies next to the comment box on tasks assigned by a teammate, that have not been commented on yet.

  • Improved performance: We’re continuing to work on the performance of Asana. Since our announcement that Asana is 2x faster, we’ve made more improvements to the time it takes Asana to load, the speed of sorting in My Tasks and projects, and the speed of scrolling through your My Tasks and projects.

  • New Project members dialog: It’s now easier to add and manage project members in the redesigned project member dialogue. To update member settings, just click the + button in the project’s header.

  • Improvements to merging subtasks and setting dependencies: You’ll now be notified that you cannot mark a task as a duplicate of its subtask, since this action cannot be taken. Also, since tasks cannot be dependent on each other, tasks that are already waiting on the selected task have been removed from the list of dependency options.

  • Add project members in Progress View: When you share a status update for your project, you can now easily add new project members so they can see what’s happening and receive future updates.

  • Redesigned keyboard shortcut menu: Curious how to do common actions in Asana quickly? The redesigned shortcuts menu makes it easier to see how you can do more, with less clicks. To get to the menu, click on Help in the top right of the app, then select Keyboard Shortcuts.

  • Likes: At Asana, we believe in building a product that’s useful for all teams, no matter the culture or environment. And while our team had a lot of love for hearts, many customers told us that hearts weren’t widely understood or appropriate in every workplace. We learned that likes are a more universal symbol of appreciation. And we’re all about sharing team appreciation. Now you can like comments, tasks, updates, and more to give a quick “thanks”, “got it”, or “good job” to your teammates, in a way that’s inclusive for all teams.

  • Improvements to copy task: When you copy a task from your My Task list, you will now automatically remain the assignee of the task.

  • Microsoft Outlook & Teams Connector: Now you can get notifications of Asana tasks and projects right inside Outlook and Teams. Learn more

  • Microsoft Azure Directory (Enterprise): SCIM can now be enabled for Asana Enterprise customers that use Microsoft Azure Active Directory. When using SAML with Microsoft Azure AD, you can now enhance that integration with SCIM functionality as well. Learn more

  • Microsoft Power BI: Use Microsoft BI to quickly report on and analyze your Asana data.

August 2017

  • Asana loads faster: When you initially open Asana, the app should load much faster so you can start the day strong and jump into work.
  • New Microsoft OneDrive + Asana integration: Keep all your work and files together in Asana. Now you can upload any of your OneDrive documents—just connect your OneDrive account.
  • Domain export from API (Enterprise): For admins or others monitoring company data in the cloud, they can now automatically generate backups and exports of Asana data on their own system. This makes auditing and reporting on Asana data easier than ever before.

  • “Meet” your teammates: Anywhere you see someone’s profile photo, you can hover over it to see their photo, role, team, and more.

  • Refined color palette: We gave the app a fresh coat of paint to make it easier on the eyes and so everyone can see the same pops of color on any Asana page.

  • Simplified dropdown menus: We made adjustments to certain menus to make the most popular actions easier to take and find. Anytime you see a caret or ellipses, click for more options.

  • Quickly add yourself: Type "me" into various type-aheads to more easily add yourself (e.g., as the task assignee or as a follower) to searches, tasks, projects, etc. in Asana.