Changes to automatic payments in India due to RBI regulations

Some customers using Indian-issued credit cards are experiencing difficulty renewing their Asana subscription, and we wanted to make you aware of some changes in case they affect you.

The Reserve Bank of India recently issued a few directives that may cause recurring payments, such as your Asana subscription, to be declined. To help avoid having your payment to Asana declined, you may have to manually authenticate and approve each payment to Asana for your subscription. In the future you may also need to manually enter information for each recurring credit card payment. This change is affecting all online companies doing business in India, and you may also experience this in other recurring services you use. If you are experiencing problems renewing your Asana subscription, please reach out to Asana Support.

If you are on a monthly subscription, consider changing to an annual plan so that you only have to encounter these additional authentication requirements once a year

We are working hard to create the best experience for our customers in light of these new regulations in India. For more information and updates, please see the Reserve Bank of India website and bookmark/revisit this page for updates.