Top Asana integrations

Integrating Asana with other tools your team uses helps keep work connected, saving time usually lost to context switching and duplicating or searching for work in multiple places. You'll find some of the top integrations that teams use daily in Asana listed below.

What are integrations?

Integrations connect separate tools, so information flows more freely between them (as does your work). Asana integrates with dozens of top tools and apps, which you can browse on our apps page or inside Asana. To help you get started, here are some of our most popular integrations:

File sharing

The file-sharing integrations below are already built into Asana—you just have to grant Asana permission to access your account. To attach, click the paperclip icon in any task. Then your team will always have the latest file version, keeping it connected to the task it's related to.

Communication apps

Gmail, Outlook, and other email hosts

Ideally, using Asana means relying on fewer emails between your teammates, but our Asana for Gmail Add-on or Asana for Outlook app keeps the email conversations you have actionable.

You can turn emails directly into tasks, assign them to teammates, set due dates, and add the task to a project without leaving your email inbox. 


You can also keep your Slack conversations actionable by turning any message into a task or sending Asana notifications to specific channels.

Check out all the Asana commands for Slack here.


SCREENSHOT of an Asana task with a Zoom meeting transcript and recording attached

Get ready for simpler scheduling and more productive meetings in Zoom. With the Zoom + Asana integration, you can create or link Zoom meetings in an Asana task. After the meeting, you'll also see the transcript and recording attached to the task for easy sharing and reference.


In addition to Outlook, Asana integrates with various apps in the Microsoft suite:

SCREENSHOT of Asana integration in Microsoft Teams to create a task as a follow-up item during a meeting
  • Microsoft Teams—Translate work and conversations between Teams and Asana to save time without losing track of anything. You can also create tasks while in a Teams Meeting.
  • OneDrive—The Microsoft OneDrive file chooser is built into the Asana task details pane, so you can easily attach files from Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and more.
  • Power Automate—The Power Automate integration lets you streamline repetitive processes between your Microsoft applications and Asana.
  • Power BI—Build custom, actionable Dashboards based on Asana inputs like Custom Fields to get real-time insights into projects and workflows.

Other top integrations

Get even more out of Asana by trying integrations to help you with planning, reporting, and time tracking.

  • Adobe Creative Cloud—Open Asana tasks inside apps like Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator to reference task instructions or feedback pulled up alongside working files.
  • Jira—This integration makes it easier for teams across the Asana and Jira platforms to collaborate on the tool that works best for them without creating duplicate work. You can create and link Jira Issues right from Asana and more.
  • Zapier—Zapier connects to hundreds of other apps you use to send tasks to Asana automatically without creating work or duplicating information.
  • Harvest—The Harvest timer can be added directly to the task pane in Asana so you can track time spent on any task. Freelancers, contractors, or small businesses can translate those hours into invoices and show exactly what work was done.

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