How to apply a RACI Matrix in Asana

A RACI matrix fosters accountability and clarifies project roles so you know who is doing what and by when. In this article, we will explore how to apply a RACI matrix within Asana to manage projects successfully.

The RACI matrix is a decision-making framework that assigns roles and responsibilities to team members and is made up of four key roles:

  1. Responsible: This person is responsible for the specific task. Assign only one Responsible role for each task to avoid confusion.
  2. Accountable: They ensure the task is completed, though they may not do the actual work. Assign only one Accountable role for each task to avoid confusion.
  3. Consulted: They review the work before it’s delivered. There may be multiple Consulted roles for each task.
  4. Informed: These individuals or groups should be updated on the project's progress but may not be directly involved in the work.

By establishing these roles upfront, teams can enhance collaboration, eliminate confusion, and ensure efficient task execution.

Setting up a RACI matrix in Asana

To get started, navigate to the project in Asana, where you would like to apply a RACI matrix. The project must have clearly defined tasks with specific deliverables.

Create three people custom fields for the Accountable, Consulted, and Informed roles. We’ll be using the Assignee field for the Responsible role. Once the project structure is set up, it's time to assign team members to the respective tasks.

people custom fields

To create a new people custom field, click the + sign and select People, or create a new custom field from the Customize button.

  • The Responsible or Assignee will be responsible for executing the task.
  • The Accountable will have decision-making authority over the task.
  • The Consulted individuals can provide insights, advice, and more information if needed.
  • The Informed stakeholders are team members who must be informed about the task's progress without actively participating.

Managing and maintaining the RACI matrix in Asana

Reviewing and updating the RACI matrix is essential to ensure its effectiveness throughout the project lifecycle.

To manage the RACI matrix effectively:

  1. Track progress and adjust responsibilities: Monitor task progress in Asana and adjust responsibilities as needed. If a task encounters delays or requires additional support, reassign the Responsible role accordingly.
  2. Communicate changes and updates: Keep your stakeholders informed of any changes occurring in the project through status updates or by leaving comments on the task. This will ensure everyone is aware of the modifications made to tasks and responsibilities.

Learn more about the RACI matrix templates.

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