Plan and manage company goals

Use Asana Goals to set clear company objectives that are directly connected to work, such as projects and tasks that will help you accomplish those objectives. With Asana Goals, you have a single source of truth that connects your company objectives with your work. 

Project templates for goal planning

When deciding which goals to create, we recommend creating a project to track ideas and approved goals. Use the Goals Process Workflow template for a quick start.

When creating a new project, choose the Use a template option. From here, select Asana curated from the type drop-down menu, select Goals Process Workflow, and click Use template


This project has four sections: Drafting, Pending approval, Approved, and Created, representing the stages of planning a goal. 

Create a task for each goal, and in the task description, you can capture basic information about the goal, such as:

Use subtasks to capture the process for each goal.

Subtasks for goal planning.png

The project has rules that will move the goals automatically through the different stages until they’re ready for creation. 

Creating a company goal

To create a company goal, navigate to Goals in the sidebar, head to the Company goals tab, click + Add goal, and choose Blank goal to create a goal from scratch or choose one of the existing goal templates for the company. Learn more about using goal templates.

Creating a company goal.png

When creating a new goal, you can choose an automatic or manual method to update the goal. With the automatic method, you can use sub-goals, projects, and tasks as progress sources.

Connecting work to goals

By using the automatic method, you can easily link your work to your goals. Simply select a progress source (sub-goals, projects, or tasks) and connect it through the goal's details page. As the progress of the source changes, the goal's progress will be updated automatically in real time, allowing you to keep track of your progress more efficiently.

For example, if you choose Sub-goals as your progress source, your progress will be calculated based on the progress of the connected sub-goals.

How to connect a sub-goal to a company goal.gif

To connect work to goals:

  1. Click the + Connect button
  2. Search for an existing source to connect

If you choose sub-goals as your progress source, you can choose an existing goal or create a new one from the + Connect button.

Reporting on goals

Creating a dashboard will help you track the progress of your goals across your organization and provide you with insights to understand their health better.

To create a goals dashboard, navigate to the sidebar and click Reporting. From here, click + Create and select Dashboard. You can use pre-built charts like “Goals by team” and “Goals by status.” You can also create a custom chart and select Goals from the Report on drop-down.

Status updates on goals 

Status updates provide stakeholders with context about the status of your goals and how they are progressing. You can customize the sections of your update and add attachments to enrich your status update. 

You can use Asana AI to create smart status updates

Integrating Asana Goals with Salesforce

You can automatically link the progress of Salesforce deals to Asana Goals to get an accurate picture without manual updates. By integrating your goals with Salesforce, you can attach goals to reports in Salesforce, allowing you to monitor impact and track progress.

Learn how to connect Asana Goals and Salesforce

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