Giving feedback and approvals

Refining your feedback and approvals process is a great way to help your team move faster and let them know if they’re on the right track or not. Follow along for examples of where to add approvals into your work and tips on how to do it.

Examples of how you can use the feedback or approval process

Here are just some of the many ways your team can start giving feedback and approvals in Asana with our proofingapproval task and custom fields features:

Team Example
All Use forms to submit requests or project proposals, and turn that task into an approval task before work gets started
General Add a task progress custom field to any project to see where each task stands and sort your project by that custom field
Design Leave feedback on images with proofing comments.
Marketing Assign approval tasks to the director of marketing to finalize campaigns and assets.
Operations Approve vendor budgets or proposals with approval tasks

GIF showing how to leave feedback on images and PDFs with proofing

Tips for creating a great approval task

GIF showing how to create an approval task in Asana

Make sure your work gets approved on time by creating great approval tasks. Here’s how:

  1. Make sure you create an approval task (versus a regular task). Look for the stamp icon.
  2. Attach any file that needs to be approved so the approver can jump right in.
  3. Assign the task to the approver with a due date.

Tips for being an effective approver

No one wants to be the blocker. Try out these tips for fast, smooth approvals and feedback:

  1. Leave feedback on images and PDFs with proofing comments. Your feedback stays in context and an actionable subtask is created to ensure it gets incorporated by the creator.
  2. Use task comments to explain why you said yes, no, or changes needed.
  3. If something isn’t approved or needs changes, reassign the task to the person responsible for making a change. (Premium customers can set up a rule to do this for them!)

Preventing bottlenecks

Approvals can unlock or block projects. Whether you’re a project manager, contributor, or approver, here are ways you can prevent bottlenecks:

  1. Create task dependencies so work happens in the right order without all the extra pinging. If you need to finish the design before it gets approved, dependencies help get the approver’s attention at the right time.
  2. For anyone managing several approvals, create an advanced search report for approvals assigned to me to make sure you’re staying on top of them.

Resources for approvals and reporting

More of a visual learner? Want to see how our customers monitor approvals and report on work? Check out these resources:

Resources Link
On-demand course Register for Asana Academy
Connect with Community Attend an upcoming training or start a thread on our community forum