Lead the goals management process in your organization with Asana Goals

Goal tracking connects work with its purpose. It keeps your company and teams aligned, engaged, and agile in the face of changing needs. With Asana Goals, your company goals and work, like milestones, projects, and portfolios, are connected in the same place.

From Executives to ICs, Asana supports everyone in your organization. Learn how Asana Goals helps you and your teams connect purpose to your work.

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The five foundations of goals management

For goal management to be successful, 5 key foundations need to be in place. Learn what those foundations are and how to make sure they are solid.

A successful goal management process has all these:

  1. Alignment across the organization or team that goal tracking is a priority and worth investing in.
  2. A person dedicated to leading the organization or team to manage goals.
  3. A straightforward methodology that defines what makes a great goal and how to write it (for example, OKRs).
  4. A process with appropriate milestones for taking goals from ideation to creation to completion.
  5. The right resources for teams to understand the goals process, methodology, and Asana as a tool.

Asana Goals provides you with the tools and resources to build these foundations and guide your organization through a successful goals management process.

1. Alignment

Whether you are in charge of goal management for a whole organization or a single team, you need stakeholders across your organization to agree on the importance of goal tracking by providing them with the right incentives.

In this video, you can see how Asana Goals provides value to everyone in your organization: individual contributors, team leads, and executives. Take the time to meet with those involved in the goals management process to hear their questions and ideas. Help them understand why tracking goals is critical to your organization.

The most effective goal management processes occur with top-down alignment and start from the organization's mission and strategy.

2. A goals Champion

The second foundation is a goals Champion. Someone tasked with driving the goals management process. This person is responsible for fostering a culture where goals are written effectively and implementing the actions needed within each phase of the goals tracking process.

Large organizations that track goals successfully have one or more people whose full-time job drives the goals process. But that's a relatively easy condition to manage goals with your teams successfully!

If you have been tasked with driving the process and it's not your sole responsibility, don't worry! Asana Goals will provide you with the tools and resources to use your time efficiently when tracking goals across your organization.

3. A goals methodology

Asana's flexibility makes it perfect for adapting to OKRs, SMART goals, or variations of these standard frameworks.

If you are new to goal tracking and are interested in a simple methodology you can teach your teams, read Asana's guidelines for writing goals.

If you are interested in using Asana for OKRs, check out this Asana Academy video and our OKRs eBook for more detail.

4. A goals process

The key to a successful goal management effort is to have a clear process that outlines the milestones that teams must meet at different times of the year. Learn more about ideating to executing goals in Asana's goal-tracking process article.

5. Resources to onboard and support your teams

At Asana, we make it our priority to make it easy to track your work and goals. We also provide you with resources to onboard and train your teams to start tracking goals with Asana. You can always reach out to our team if you need extra support!

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