Editor access level

The Editor permission level within projects allows project members to add and update content, but will restrict them from modifying the project’s structure.

Editors will be able to add tasks and update task descriptions, but will not be able to delete a project or make it public.

Only project admins have the ability to modify a project’s structure. You can view each user's permission level by clicking the Share button within the project.

To update project permissions:

project permissions
  1. Click the Share button on the top right of your project .
  2. Click the drop-down arrow next to each member’s name and update their permission level to Project adminEditor or Commenter.

Users who previously had Can edit access are now Project admin. This ensures everyone has the same access as they did previous to this update. We recommend updating permission levels to reflect the right permissions for each project.

To restrict editors from changing project workflows (custom fields, rules, etc.):

restrict editors
only project admins
  1. Click the dropdown arrow next to the project name.
  2. Navigate to Review project permissions.
  3. Select Only project admins and click Save.

This means that editors will not see the customize menu when they navigate to the project and will be unable to add, modify, or delete custom fields, rules, forms, apps, task templates, or workflows.

You must be a project admin to access the Review project permissions option.

What restrictions apply to project editors?

Editors are restricted from changing the following project details:

  • Project name
  • Home team
  • Owner
  • Due date
  • Archiving or deleting projects
  • Changing project overview
  • Adding roles on the overview page
  • Creating a project brief
  • Changing project icon and color for everyone

Access restrictions:

  • Changing project privacy
  • Adding members as admins or upgrading other members to admins
  • Creating share links or read-only links

Process restrictions - Editors are unable to “customize” the project if a project admin has restricted this. If restricted, editors are unable to add / edit / remove:

  • Custom fields
  • Rules
  • Forms
  • Task templates
  • Apps

Editor access FAQ

What is the default permission level for new projects?

Editor will be the default permission level for new projects. The creator of the project will be an admin but when the project is shared or others join it, those members will be editors.

I can’t use this feature because the options to update permissions are disabled.

You can change the default project permissions in order to use this feature. Learn how to do that here.

Can there be multiple admins per project?

Yes, there is no limit to the number of admins per project.

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