How to separate Asana accounts

In this article, you'll find practical guidance on how to effectively separate your Asana accounts.

Who should separate their Asana accounts?

Users should separate their Asana accounts if they meet both of the following criteria:

  • Have multiple email addresses for different purposes (example: personal vs work)
  • Have access to multiple unrelated workspaces (example: personal vs work) 


Céline is an employee of ACME and has an Asana account with the following email addresses:


This user has access to 2 domains:   

  1. ACME Organization
  2. Celine Personal Workspace

Céline must separate her from the ACME Asana account in order to retain access to Celine Personal Workspace. The outcome of this will be two separate Asana accounts.

  • One account associated with with access to the ACME organization
  • The other account associated with with access to Celine Personal Workspace

Separating Asana accounts

To separate your accounts, please follow the steps below:

Set your preferred email

Navigate to the Notifications tab under Settings in the relevant workspace and set the email address of the account you wish to separate as the Preferred Email in the Email notifications section.


Navigate to the workspace that you’d like to separate into the new account


Navigate to My Settings

  1. Select the Notifications tab
  2. Under Email notifications, change your Preferred email address to the email address (e.g. you want your new account to be associated with.

Separation of accounts due to Asana email policy

Affected users will be informed of the timeline for the upcoming changes via email and in Asana.

Please refer to the dedicated article for a detailed FAQ on the Asana account separation due to the Asana email policy.

Following the separation of accounts, Asana will send an email to the newly separated email addresses instructing affected users to set a password for the new account(s).

Any API or app connections (Slack, Zendesk, etc.) will not be transferred. These will need to be manually added to the new account.

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