Asana account email policy

If you are a member of an organization in Asana and wish to add an additional email address to your Asana account, each newly added email address must be compatible with your organization’s verified email domains. Organization guests are not subject to this policy.

A compatible email address is one that matches the email domains that have been verified and added to your organization in Asana.


The ACME organization has two verified email domains: and

Céline is an employee of ACME and has an Asana account with the following email address This user is a member of the ACME organization.

The user is allowed to add the following email addresses: ✅

The user is not allowed to add the following email addresses: ❌

New user accounts vs existing user accounts

The following section explains how this new email policy will affect users.

New user accounts

New user accounts can only add email addresses that are compatible with the organization they are a member of.

Existing user accounts

There are 2 types of existing members:

  1. Existing members that currently only have one compatible email address added to their account. They will be subject to this policy and can only add email addresses that are compatible with the organization going forward.
  2. Existing members that currently have email addresses added to their account that are not compatible with the organization. This policy is not retroactive. As the non compatible email addresses have been added prior to the application of this new policy, these members can continue to add any email address to their account.

Members that fall into the second category will be addressed during an upcoming migration.

Adding a new email address to your Asana account

To add a new email address to your Asana account, click your profile picture, click Settings, and navigate to the Account tab. 

How to add a new email address to your Asana account.png

If you try to add incompatible email addresses, you will see the following error. Please refer to the policy to better understand why the email is incompatible with your account.  

Error message for incompatible email addresses.png

Asana account separation FAQ

In order to comply with Asana's email policy, some accounts will need to undergo changes, and some users will need to separate their Asana accounts. Visit our article on how to separate Asana accounts for more information and detailed steps.

Some Asana accounts will need to be separated.

Context behind these changes

Why is Asana updating its email policy?

Asana has updated the email policy applied to all Asana accounts. These changes are designed to enhance the security and privacy of all Asana accounts. Users will still be able to add multiple email addresses to a single Asana account as long as they are compliant with the email policy.

How will this change affect Asana accounts?

As a result of this change, all existing accounts with incompatible email addresses must undergo some changes.

Who will be affected by the email policy update?

Asana user accounts which contain email addresses that are incompatible with the email policy will be affected by the change. Asana will notify affected users via email as well as in-product through Asana.

Before the account separation

Why did I receive and email about an upcoming change to my Asana account?

You will have received an email informing you of an upcoming change because your Asana account contains an incompatible email.

Why did Asana update its account email policy?

These updates help Asana maintain the highest level of security and privacy for Asana users.

When will the changes happen?

Asana users will have the option to trigger the account separation on their own terms. Where no action is taken, Asana will eventually enforce the changes according to the timeline shared via email.

How can I make sure my accounts are split with the correct associated organizations and workspaces?

You can make sure to map the organizations and workspaces to their respective email address by adjusting the Notification email of each space. Each space's notification email will be the basis for the account separation.

You can change the configuration of your account by setting the notification email for each specific domain. Please note that in the case of organizations, you will only be able to choose an email address from an approved email domain.

How can I preserve my data if I have lost access to an email address?

You can import and export projects via CSV into a new workspace or organization. See our article on project importing and exporting for more information. You may also choose to use a third-party product such as Ditto. Ditto is not built or maintained by Asana, but is popular with Asana users.

Can I opt out of email policy updates and their associated changes?

No. The updates will be enforced on all Asana accounts. The policy change will separate your accounts according to the timeline.

What will happen to domains where I am a guest?

Access to domains where you are a guest will be maintained. You can change the notification email for domains where you are a guest in order to indicate with which account access will remain.

How can a super admin update the list of authorized email domains in an organization?

See our article on email domain management for Asana organizations.

How does this affect workflows for which incompatible emails are used to create tasks via email forwarding?

Incompatible email addresses that are used to create tasks need to be updated to a compatible email.

What will happen to integrations in domains that are separated into new accounts?

You will need to re-authorize the apps in newly created accounts.

How will this affect access to the Asana Ambassadors domain?

Asana recommends that you set the notification email of the Asana Ambassador domain to your personal email address. By doing so, your access to Asana Ambassador domain will be maintained with your personal account.

What will happen to Personal Projects?

Personal projects will also be affected by the separation. The separation will follow the same logic of notification email that is assigned to Personal Projects to dictate the migration.

After the separation

Can I undo the account separation afterwards?

No, the separation of accounts is irreversible.

What happens after my accounts are separated?

You will receive an email with a registration link to activate any new accounts. For each newly split account, you will need to set a new password. There will be no loss of data.

How can I access my new accounts?

You can use the account switcher to log in to different accounts simultaneously.

What happens to my data?

All of your data is preserved. There is no data loss.

What happens to my paid licenses?

Paid licenses in each domain are also preserved.

What happens to my admin or billing owner roles?

Your roles, such as admin, super admin, billing owner, or team admin are all preserved during this change.

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