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Welcome to Asana AI, your intelligent assistant designed to streamline your work management experience. Asana AI is here to help you work smarter, automate tasks, and gain valuable insights into your projects, helping you stay on top of your work. This introductory article will give you an overview of what Asana AI can do.

Read on to learn more about how to use Asana AI features powered by Asana’s AI partners.

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What is Asana AI?

Asana AI is an intelligent tool integrated into Asana to help you manage your work more effectively. By leveraging artificial intelligence, Asana AI can automate routine tasks, provide insightful summaries, and assist with task creation and editing.

Asana AI features

1. Smart status

Get quick updates on the status of your projects and tasks, making it easier to stay informed without digging through all the details.

Learn more about smart status.

2. Smart answers

Get AI-powered answers to your project management questions, helping you make informed decisions quickly.

Learn more about smart answers.

3. Smart fields

Use AI to automatically fill in important fields, ensuring that your task details are always complete and up-to-date.

Learn more about smart fields.

4. Smart summaries

Receive concise summaries of your projects, tasks and portfolios, helping you understand the key points without reading through lengthy descriptions.

Learn more about smart summaries.

5. Smart editor

Enhance your task creation and editing process with AI-powered suggestions, making it easier to write clear and effective task descriptions.

Learn more about smart editor.

6. Smart rules

Automate your workflows with custom rules powered by AI, ensuring that routine processes are handled efficiently.

Learn more about smart rules.

7. Smart goals

Standardize and improve the effectiveness of goal-setting with smart goals. Smart goals analyzes existing goals and offers suggestions for improvement, including adding success criteria, impact summaries, parent goals, supporting subgoals, and assigning accountable teams.

Learn more about smart goals.

8. Smart projects

Use AI to quickly create customized projects. Smart projects suggests descriptions, sections, and custom fields all based on the project's name and purpose.

Learn more about smart projects.

Enable Asana AI

To start using Asana AI, enable the AI features in your admin console. Once activated, you can customize AI preferences.

Learn how to enable Asana AI features.

Benefits of Using Asana AI

  • Drive clarity and accountability: Take the guesswork out of strategic planning.
  • Maximize impact: Accelerate how work gets done.
  • Scale with confidence: Scale your organization’s work effortlessly.

By integrating Asana AI into your daily workflow, you can achieve greater productivity and ensure that your team is always aligned and focused on the most important work.

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