Limits based on your Asana plan

This article will delve into the different types of limits you might encounter, including user and feature limits and what to do when your plan (Personal, Starter, or, Advanced) reaches them.

User limits

User limits refer to the maximum number of users available per account on your Asana plan.

Personal Starter Advanced Enterprise Enterprise+
10 users 500 users 500 users Unlimited users Unlimited users

Feature limits

There are limits associated wit automations, Asana Intelligence, and portfolios. In the case of automations and Asana Intelligence, limits refer to the number of actions that can be performed within a month. As for portfolios, the limit is related to the number of portfolios that can be created within a plan.


Rules enable you to automate tasks based on triggers and actions. 


Personal Starter Advanced Enterprise Enterprise+
Rules unavailable 250 actions per month

25,000 actions per month Unlimited actions Unlimited actions

Rule limits are determined by the number of actions taken when the rule runs. When a rule runs, it can generate one or more actions. For example, if the trigger is Task moved to a section and has Set assignee and Set priority as actions, these count as two actions towards your plan’s limit.

creating a rule with the new rule builder.png

Limits for rules reset monthly based on your plan’s renewal date. For example, if you purchased Asana on September 15, 2024, and your renewal date is September 15, 2025, your plan’s limits for rules reset on the 15th of each month, even if you purchased an annual plan.


Portfolios help you organize and monitor the progress of related projects from one place. 


Personal Starter Advanced Enterprise Enterprise+
Portfolios unavailable Portfolios unavailable 100 portfolios Unlimited portfolios Unlimited portfolios

Portfolio limits are determined by the number of portfolios created within a plan. Asana Advanced customers can create up to 100 portfolios in total within their plan.

If your plan reaches its portfolio limit, you can contact sales to upgrade to Enterprise for unlimited portfolios, or you can manage your portfolio count by deleting portfolios that are no longer needed, freeing up space to create new ones. 

It's worth noting that limits for portfolios do not reset.

Asana Intelligence

Asana Intelligence uses artificial intelligence to accelerate how work gets done and optimize your workflows to work smarter together.

Personal Starter Advanced Enterprise Enterprise+
AI unavailable 150 actions per month

1,500 actions per month Currently unlimited Currently unlimited

Asana Intelligence limits are determined by the number of AI actions completed per month. Every time AI generates a response, for example, suggests custom fields or summarizes a task, that response counts as an AI action.

Limits for Asana Intelligence reset monthly based on your plan’s renewal date.

How to view your plan's limits

As your plan nears its limit, the billing owner will receive notifications in the product and via email. Only billing owners and admins can view limits through the billing tab in the admin console. By viewing your limits, you can better understand feature usage across your account.

Rules tab in feature usage details.png

From the Feature usage details page, you can navigate between the Rules, Asana Intelligence, and Portfolios tabs.

Rules tab

In the rules tab, you’ll see:

  • Rule name
  • The project where the rule is running.
  • Number of actions used by the rule in the billing period
  • Rule owner

Portfolio tab

In the portfolio tab, you’ll see:

  • Portfolio name
  • Number of projects or portfolios within the portfolio
  • Portfolio owner

If the project or portfolio is private to you, then it will say “Private project/portfolio”

Asana Intelligence tab

In the Asana Intelligence tab, you’ll see:

  • Member’s name
  • AI features used by the member in the billing period
  • Last activity
  • Number of AI actions triggered by the member in the billing period

What to do when you reach your plan's limits

Billing owners, portfolio creators, and rule owners will be notified when reaching their limits.

If your plan is approaching or has reached its limits on Asana, there are steps you can take:

  • Contact your billing owner or admins: Reach out to your billing owner or admins to discuss upgrading your current plan to accommodate your needs. From your profile picture, click My organization and navigate to the Billing tab to view who’s your billing owner.
  • If you’re the billing owner: Upgrade your current plan by following the steps in our upgrade and billing article.
  • Remove portfolios: If you've hit the portfolio limit, talk with your colleagues who use portfolios and find out if some are nonessential and can be removed to make room for new ones.
  • Remove rules: You can remove rules to reduce the risk of hitting your limits the following month. However, if the rule has been triggered, it will count towards your monthly limit.

Please contact our Support team if you can’t identify who the automation and portfolio creators are. 

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