Learn about Asana Advanced features

Asana Advanced provides all of the following features in addition to what's already included in Asana Starter. Visit our pricing page to learn more, or click here to start a free Advanced trial.

Asana AI

  • Smart fields: Organize projects to support cross-functional collaboration with auto-generated custom fields.
  • Smart editor: Write clearer, more compelling responses that strike the right tone.
  • Smart summaries: Smart summaries allow users to get highlights from task descriptions and comments by summarizing task content and pulling out key action items as subtasks.
  • Smart answers: Use natural language to ask Asana questions, and get timely answers and insights about your projects, helping you to identify blockers, and determine next steps.
  • Smart status: Let AI draft status updates to help identify blind spots, open questions, roadblocks, and an efficient path towards your goals.
  • Smart digests: Keep up to date on projects with an easily scannable summary of all recent activity and highlights in one place.
  • Smart rules: Create rules with AI by providing simple, and natural language instructions via prompts.

Visit our dedicated article for more information on AI feature usage in the Asana Advanced tier.

Workflow and automation

  • Time tracking: Native time tracking feature allows you to estimate the time needed to complete a task, as well as record the actual time spent. Valuable time data helps inform decisions regarding workload and resourcing.
  • Critical path: Quickly identify which tasks are crucial for the completion of your project and visualize them on your timeline view
  • Forms with branching logic: Based on initial responses, guide users through relevant follow-up questions. Craft forms that adapt to user input, providing up to five nested branch levels.
  • Proofing: Give clear feedback by leaving comments directly on images or PDFs that turn into tasks for easy tracking.
  • Approvals: Request and give approvals on work in Asana.
  • Jira Cloud two-way sync: Automatic updates between designated fields in Asana and Jira in either direction.
  • Rules: Streamline routine tasks and establish workflows with ease. Visit our dedicated article for more information on rule feature usage in the Asana Starter tier.


  • Formulas: Perform calculations directly in Asana, making managing data easier and significantly enhancing your productivity.
  • Universal reporting: Report on tasks and projects, as well as portfolios and goals.
  • Goals: Set, track, and manage company goals while connecting it to work to achieve it for a single source of truth for leads, executives, and individuals.
  • Portfolios: Organize strategic initiatives into portfolios to monitor the status, timelines, and teammate workloads across projects.
  • Portfolio workload: Asana’s resource management feature provides a single view of team bandwidth and helps you make informed staffing decisions and rebalance workloads if needed

Privacy and security

  • All of the privacy and security features included in Starter, such as SOC 2 Type II, Multi-factor authentication, private teams and private to members projects, Google SSO, and more.

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