Learn about Asana Starter features

Asana Starter provides all of the following features in addition to what's already included in Asana Personal. Visit our pricing page to learn more, or click here to upgrade to a Starter plan.

Asana AI

  • Smart fields: Organize projects to support cross-functional collaboration with auto-generated custom fields.
  • Smart editor: Write clearer, more compelling responses that strike the right tone.
  • Smart summaries: Smart summaries allow users to get highlights from task descriptions and comments by summarizing task content and pulling out key action items as subtasks.
  • Smart answers: Use natural language to ask Asana questions, and get timely answers and insights about your projects, helping you to identify blockers, and determine next steps.
  • Smart status: Let AI draft status updates to help identify blind spots, open questions, roadblocks, and an efficient path towards your goals.

Visit our dedicated article for more information on AI feature usage in the Asana Starter tier.


  • All of the views available in Asana Personal, such as list, board, and calendar view.
  • Timeline: A live view of how your work fits together that helps you start projects on the right foot and hit your deadlines.
  • Gantt view: This view equips project managers with the tools to visualize and manage project plans effectively, offering insight into task durations, delivery dates, dependencies, and baseline of your project plan.

Workflow and automation

  • Over 100 free integrations including Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Slack and many more.
  • Forms: Use forms with internal and external teams, to collect and consolidate information and minimize any friction or misunderstanding for your team.
  • Custom templates: Create custom templates for common workflows and projects to save time on future project setup and ensure that everyone is following the right processes.
  • Start dates and times: Set a due date, due time, or a date range to let your teammates know when a task should be completed by.
  • Task dependencies: Mark a task as blocking another task, or blocked by another task.
  • Workflow builder: Coordinate work seamlessly across teams by automating your team’s processes to keep work flowing.
  • Rules: Streamline routine tasks and establish workflows with ease. Visit our dedicated article for more information on rule feature usage in the Asana Starter tier.


  • Custom fields: Add additional data to tasks in your Asana projects.
  • Project dashboards: Dashboards are project-level tabs containing graphs and visualizations that let you zoom out from the day to day to quickly understand your team’s progress.
  • Advanced search: Advanced search allows you to specify additional requirements for a search.
  • Milestones: Mark specific points in time along a project timeline to track major progress points that must be reached to achieve success.

Privacy and security

  • Google SSO: You have the option to require your members to authenticate via Google.
  • Private teams and projects with the private to members privacy setting: Manage access to projects and teams with Asana Starter.
  • Unlimited free guests: Guests don't count towards your plan's seat count, and you don't pay for them.
  • Admin console: Empowers all Asana admins and super admins with the administrative capabilities they need to champion Asana within their organizations.
  • Comment-only projects: Allow users to view or comment on projects while preventing any accidental or unnecessary changes.
  • All of the privacy and security features included in Personal, such as SOC 2 Type II, Multi-factor authentication, cross-regional backups, and more. 

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