Custom onboarding

Available on Asana Enterprise and Enterprise+ tiers.

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Custom onboarding allows you to customize the onboarding process for your new users. This feature is accessible to organization admins and super admins via the admin console under the Settings tab. By default, this setting is OFF. 

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Custom onboarding consists of three main components: user selection, onboarding steps, and content to assign. 

User selection

This is where you’ll determine which new users should receive your custom onboarding. Here, you can choose to include or exclude guests and limit your onboarding experience to a specific language. 

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Onboarding steps

This section determines what screens new users will see during onboarding to Asana. By default, “express account setup” is ON, which indicates that we are bypassing the standard onboarding process for new users. This step cannot be turned off if you enable custom onboarding. 

Custom welcome screen

The custom welcome screen is an optional selection that allows you to insert your company’s branding and messaging into the onboarding experience. Here, you can set a default message, upload a custom logo, and select a background color or custom background image. 

Please note that links to internal Asana pages would not work for new users because they have not yet completed the account setup and will not have access.

Adding a custom welcome screen.png

Here’s an example of how this might look for your company.

custom screen example.png

Custom start screen

The custom start screen option lets you dictate where your users will arrive in Asana. You have four options available:

  • Home - The new user’s home screen
  • Default team page - The team page of the default team you selected later in this flow
  • Onboarding project - The onboarding project that was generated for the new user, which can be configured later in this flow
  • Public Asana page - A public team page or project in Asana. This team or project cannot be private, as it would prevent new users from arriving on this page.

Adding a custom start screen.png

Content to assign

This optional step allows you to automatically assign new users to a team (i.e., a “Staff” or “General” team) as well as select a template that will automatically generate an onboarding project for new users when they arrive in product. 

Default team

The default team selection is searchable, but only teams where the admin has permission to add new users will appear in this list.

Selecting a default team.png

Onboarding project

The onboarding project is a great way to ensure all users start with the required resources or clear steps to get started in Asana. You can create this template using the Templates feature. If there is a Role in this template and that role has been assigned to the tasks in the project, we will automatically assign those tasks to the new user. This does not work if there are multiple roles assigned in the template. To set up the onboarding project, there are three selections:

  • Project team - This is where the new onboarding template will live, and new projects will be created. We recommend using a unique “Onboarding Projects” team to avoid creating clutter in active teams. 
  • Project template - This is the template that you wish to generate for new users. You will only see templates from the team you selected in the previous step.
  • Project name - The name of the new project will be generated. If you check the box, we will automatically insert the new user's name into the project title for added personalization.

Previewing and enabling your custom onboarding

Once you have made your selections, you can preview and enable your new onboarding experience. To get started, click Save


Once you have saved your custom onboarding, you’ll automatically see a visual preview of your flow and an itemized list of your selections on the left. You can scroll down to see all three screens of your new flow. Please note that we cannot simulate a live preview of your start screen selection, so this will appear as an illustrated representation rather than real content.

Previewing custom onboarding.png

To simulate the flow yourself, please select Preview. You can now click through your new flow just as a new user would during onboarding. You can restart this flow from the bottom right, and when you are finished, click Done.

preview of how the custom onboarding looks like for the user.png

Enabling your onboarding

When you are ready to enable your new onboarding flow, please select Turn on. You’ll be prompted with a confirmation modal and then click Turn on again to confirm. Your flow is now live for any new users added after enabling the setting! If you wish to make changes, you can now do so by clicking Edit, and if you ever wish to turn off your flow, you can do so by clicking Turn off.

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