Accidental deletion

If you have accidentally deleted a project or a task, read below for more information how to recover it. 

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I cannot find a project

If you have the project’s ID, it is no problem.

If not, consider reaching out to the person who deleted the project as they should have received an email containing the project's ID along with instructions to recover it automatically. Please ask them to contact us and provide the project's ID.

If you happened to delete it, please send us the following:

  • The name of the workspace or organization where the project lived
  • The URL of any task that was in the project (you can likely find this in an old email notification for the task).

Recovering a task or a subtask

  • Try to find the task in search - maybe it's still active or perhaps it has been moved to your deleted items.

  • If it's definitely deleted, check deleted tasks or ask the person who accidentally deleted it to check.

Contact us if you have no success in restoring the task or project.

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