Access and permissions

Access levels and permissions in Asana govern what individuals and teams can view, edit or comment on.

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"It looks like you don't have access" error

If you encounter a It looks like you don't have access error, it could be one or more of the following scenarios:

Incorrect email

It's possible you may have multiple accounts. Your teammate might have invited you using a different email address than the one you signed up with.

To solve:

  • Log in using the same email address at which you received the invitation or notification

Changes in permissions

You received a notification for a task or an invitation which was later marked as private.

To solve:

  • You'll need to ask someone who has access to add you back, if appropriate.

Out-of-date bookmarks

You bookmarked a specific task or project URL and that item no longer exists.

If you want a bookmark in your browser to help you navigate to Asana daily, use, rather than specific task or project URLs.

Canceled invitations

Someone invited you to a project by accident and then canceled the invite.

To solve:

  • Ask the person who invited you if they want to resend the invite, or you can simply ignore it.


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