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This article will help you find your way around Asana as well as to set up your display according to your preferences. 

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Finding archived projects

From your sidebar, click on your team to view the overview page. In the Projects section, click on Filter to show all archived projects within your team.

Finding goals, portfolios, and reporting

  • These can be found in the sidebar under the Insights section. You may need to scroll down to see this section.
  • If you want easier access to these features, drag-and-drop the section to the top of your sidebar.
  • You can also star individual goals, portfolios, and reports to pin them in the Starred section.

Finding my deleted tasks

Click on your avatar on the top right corner of the app, which will open a dropdown menu. Expand the More menu option, and look for View my deleted tasks & messages.

Projects section keeps changing

  • Your projects may be set to recent projects. You may change this setting to top projects. Top projects shows relevant projects to you based on your interactions with projects.
  • You can also star projects to curate a list of work. These projects will appear in the Starred section.

Adding and removing projects to the Projects section in my sidebar

  • You cannot manually add or remove projects to this section as it is displaying either your top or recent projects.
  • To manually add projects to your sidebar, you can add them to your Starred section.

Finding saved searches

  • The default saved searches have been removed from the sidebar. However, clicking the search bar will show you three saved searches: Tasks I’ve created, Tasks I’ve assigned to others, and Recently completed tasks.
  • You may also see saved searches in the starred section if you have any searches that you’ve previously favorited.
  • You can also create more by searching for what you want, then starring the search page.

Available in languages

Asana is currently available in English, Traditional Chinese, Russian, Dutch, Polish, Italian, Swedish, Korean, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, and Japanese. Switch language from the Display tab of My settings.

Changing calendar view to make Monday the first day of the week

If you would like to adjust your calendar view so Monday is the first day of the week, access My settings, navigate to the Display tab and then select Monday in the drop-down.


Where can I add text links in Asana?

You can add a link to a task description through the Insert link button and in task comment through the rich text button.

Changing the Time Zone in Asana

Asana’s clock is determined by your computer’s time zone setting. If you go on vacation or travel abroad and your computer time zone changes, your timezone in Asana will also change.

What about email reminders?

It is currently not possible to change the time settings for emails. As it stands, they are based on the PST time zone (Pacific Standard Time). This is 8 hours behind Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

GDPR policy at Asana

Under the General Data Protection Regulation act organizations that collect, maintain, use, or otherwise process EU residents’ personal data (regardless of the organization’s location) must implement certain privacy and security safeguards for that data. Asana has established a comprehensive GDPR compliance program. Read about the significant steps Asana has taken to align its practices with GDPR.


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