Portfolios FAQ

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This article will answer the most frequently asked questions about portfolios, including permissions, adding custom fields and limits.

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Visibility and Access

Who can see my portfolio?

If your portfolio is set to public, anyone you share the url with in the organization will be able to access your portfolio. Once they visit the url, it will automatically show up in their recents section in portfolios view. If any of your projects in the portfolio are private, they will see a notification at the bottom of the screen letting them know some projects are private.

Private portfolios can only be accessed by portfolio members.

Project management

Does anything happen to the project when I add it to my portfolio?

Yes, you automatically become a project status follower for all of the projects. You will get notified when any of the projects in your portfolio have a status update.

Portfolio customization

How do I add a custom field to my portfolio?

Navigate to the customize menu within the portfolio, and click +Add field. From here a pop up window will appear allowing you to add a custom field.


From the Add field window you can:

  • Add a field title
  • Select the field type
  • Add a description
  • Add the field to your organization's field library so that it can be reused across the organization.

You can add up to 20 fields per portfolio. 5 fields can also be shown in the portfolio view at any time.

Usage and limits

What are the portfolio limits?

  • How many portfolios can I create? Visit our dedicated article for information on portfolio usage.

  • How many portfolios can appear in my Recents at the same time? A maximum of 20 portfolios and there is no time limit

  • How many projects can I add to a portfolio? A maximum of 1500 (including archived projects)

  • How many custom fields can I add to a portfolio? A maximum of 30

  • How many custom fields can be shown in portfolio view at one time? A maximum of 30

  • How many portfolio Weekly Report email notifications can I receive per week? A maximum of 20

  • How many projects are included in each weekly report email? A maximum of 50, however a link provided will allow you to view more.

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