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Portfolios help you organize and view related projects in one place. In this article, we'll focus on how you can customize your portfolio view to track project progress efficiently. You'll learn to apply filters, sort and manage custom fields, view milestones, and use portfolio timeline.

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Portfolio list view

The portfolio list view shows a list of the projects and portfolios within the main portfolio. From the list view you can see each object's owner, priority, rollups, status, due date, and either task or milestone progress.

Custom fields

Adding custom fields to your portfolio will allow you to report on project-level data and help you track the progress of your work. You can add, hide, or remove custom fields from your portfolio.

Click the Customize menu to add and manage your custom fields, or click the + button next to the last custom field to add a new one. You can hide custom fields by clicking the drop-down arrow next to the custom field title and select Hide column or remove them by clicking Remove field from portfolio.

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Milestones show key events and map forward movement in the project plan. They act as signposts throughout your project, helping ensure you stay on track.

You can choose to track your project's progress by tasks or by milestones. Click Progress type to choose tasks or milestones.

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A maximum of 12 milestones can be displayed in your portfolio view before the list becomes truncated.

Filtering and sorting

Filtering and sorting are effective ways to quickly find the information you need by organizing it in a meaningful way.


To change your portfolio view:

  1. Click Filter and/or Sort to apply a single filter
  2. Choose either tasks or milestones as the progress type displayed
  3. Click the three dot icon and select Save layout as default

If there is a specific way you and your team prefer to sort portfolios, you can save it as the default view for everyone.

Sort by custom fields

From the Sort slider in the project view, you can sort by a range of custom field options. You can categorize, prioritize, and sort based on your particular needs.

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Multi-filter and sort

With multi-filter and sort, you can create custom views within portfolios that will allow you to manage, monitor, and report on work at scale.
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You can apply up to 10 filters at a time on your portfolio list view and can use the following filters:

  • Status
  • Team
  • Owner
  • Multi-select custom field
  • Single-select custom field
  • People custom field
  • Start/Due date
  • Date custom field
  • Goals


You can apply up to 10 sorts at a time on your portfolio list view and can use the following sorts:

  • Name
  • Status
  • Owner
  • Start/Due date
  • Duration
  • Time remaining
  • Priority
  • Multi-select custom field
  • Single-select custom field
  • People custom field
  • Date custom field
  • Goals

Portfolio timeline

Portfolio timeline allows you to visualize, share, and adjust how initiatives are sequenced so you can best utilize your resources and hit your deadlines.

Accessing your portfolio timeline

You can access the portfolio timeline by clicking the Timeline tab within the portfolio.

Frame 629763.png

Use the portfolio toolbar to:

  • Filter projects by day
  • Filter your view by day, week, month, quarter, half-year or year
  • Set color or choose custom fields with a particular color

Connected goals in portfolio list view

You can view connected goals within a portfolio's list view. The Connected goals column shows goals connected to the work in the portfolio, increasing the visibility of the relationships between work and goals.

From the portfolio list view, you can:

  • View connected goals
  • Add existing goals to a specific portfolio item
  • Create a new goal from within list view

Viewing connected goals

To view connected goals:

  1. Open your portfolio in List view and click on the Customize menu
  2. Click Show more fields
  3. Toggle on the Connected goals field
  4. The connected goals field will now be visible in list view

Adding connected goals

To add existing goals:

  1. Click into the Connected goals field
  2. Choose an existing goal by scrolling through the pop-up list or start typing the goal name into the field
  3. Click on the existing goal to add it as a connected goal

Creating a new goal

To create a new goal from the connected goals field:

  1. Click on the Connected goals field
  2. Click + Create new goal at the bottom of the pop-up menu

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