Portfolio privacy and sharing

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Effectively managing access to portfolios is essential for protecting confidentiality and enabling precise information sharing. This article explains how to customize portfolio privacy settings to control visibility within an organization and how to manage portfolio membership and sharing.

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Portfolio privacy settings

The portfolio owner has the option to make a portfolio private or public.

By making the portfolio private, only portfolio members will have access to the content within the portfolio and it won't be discoverable across your organization or workspace. Making the portfolio public will mean it will be discoverable across your organization or workspace.

To toggle between public and private portfolio settings:

Navigate to your portfolio click the Share icon. From here, choose to keep the portfolio private or make it public to your organization or workspace.

Portfolio membership and sharing

You can share portfolios at any time with your teammates in Asana or add them as portfolio members.


When you click the Share button and access the portfolio membership screen, you can:

  1. Add portfolio members by name or email
  2. Set a member as the portfolio owner or remove them from the portfolio by clicking the drop-down arrow
  3. Copy the portfolio link and share with colleagues

You can also change the privacy settings for the portfolio here by choosing who the portfolio is shared with.

When you're added as a portfolio member, you will receive an inbox notification. You will also see a New icon next to the portfolio in question when accessing your portfolios page.

If you have been added as a member of a portfolio, you will receive a weekly report email provided you have your email notifications turned on.

If you share a portfolio containing private projects, the person you've shared it with will see a "This portfolio contains projects you don't have access to" message.

Export your portfolio

Once you've created a portfolio, you can export it at any time.


To export a portfolio:

  1. Click the drop-down arrow next to the portfolio name
  2. Click Export and select Google Sheets or CSV

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