Managing members in an organization

The Members tab offers admins a comprehensive overview of the organization's membership, including the ability to invite new members, assign administrative privileges, and deactivate or remove members as needed.

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Manage all members in an organization

From the Members tab, you can see how many members and guests you have in your Asana organization as well as how many seats you have available. If you need to add members, grant admin access, or deprovision a member, you can easily do so.

Members tab in the admin console.png

From the members tab, you can:

  1. Click the different tabs to view the members and guests in your organization, pending invites, and members who have been removed.
  2. Invite members to join your organization
  3. Search for someone in your organization
  4. View each person's name, whether they're an admin, member, or guest, when they were last active in your organization, and who invited them to the organization.
  5. Filter by member type and 2FA status
  6. Edit profile settings or Remove by clicking the three dot icon and selecting one of the options

Deactivating a member in your organization

To remove a person from your organization, navigate to the Members tab of your admin console. Click the three dot icon next to the person's name and select Remove.

Removing a member from your organization.png

From the next tab, you can:

  1. Create a new private to members project for the tasks of the member you're removing
  2. Choose the member you want to reassign the project to
  3. Click Remove member to confirm the deactivation

The deactivated member will then show in your member’s list as Removed.

What happens to a deprovisioned person’s tasks?

After you have deprovisioned someone from your organization, a private to members project containing their previously assigned tasks will be auto-generated. You can assign this to yourself or another member of your organization. This allows you to easily assign pending tasks to the appropriate person to manage.

A simple next step solution to delegating would be to multi-select deprovisioned tasks, where you can take mass actions on tasks and even bulk assign them to yourself or other organization members.

You can read more about this in our FAQ article.

The time of the deactivation will appear in the Last activity column.

Restoring a deactivated member or guest

Automatic reactivation

Available on paid plans, automatic reactivation means that previously deactivated users returning to Asana have access to their previous data including projects and teams, provided they return with the same email address as used previously.

Screenshot 2024-04-10 at 9.55.42 AM.png

Automatic reactivation can be configured in the Security tab in the sidebar and then clicking Reactivation settings. Here you can select to turn this feature on or off for members or guests.  If you choose to turn this setting off, you will still be able to restore data access manually. Only super admins can turn this feature back on once it's switched off. 

User's reactivation only happens after the user accepts their invite or completes signing up for Asana on the website. Inviting a user by itself doesn't reactivate the user. 

Automatic reactivation will only be available for users who were deactivated less than two years ago.

Manual Reactivation

Restore a deactivated member by finding their name in your member’s tab. Then click the three dot icon and select Restore.

restore 1


If your reactivation fails, the admin for your organization will receive a task asking them to reach out to our Support team.

Filter by member type

To filter your member list by member type, click the drop-down arrow next to the member type filter.

Filtering by member type.png

Team access

The Team access tab on a member's profile settings gives admins insight into what specific users have access to and the ability to edit membership status.

From Edit profile settings admins can navigate to a member's Profile settings to access and manage teams. To access a member's settings click the three dot icon and click Edit profile settings.

From here, navigate to the Team Access tab where you can browse teams, edit team access and add or remove members from teams.

team access

Click on Team Access to:

  1. View the teams a user belongs to
  2. Add a user to any team in the organization
  3. Untick to remove the user from any team
  4. Save changes after any updates

Export membership data to CSV

To export membership data to CSV, click Export CSV at the top right corner. You will then receive an email message with the link to download.

The CSV file downloaded has the following fields:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Department
  • Date joined organization
  • Invited by
  • Inviter email
  • First login date
  • Login method
  • MFA state
  • Last activity
  • Type
  • Number of teams
  • Teams
  • Number of projects
  • Projects

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